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Just Between Friends Reno – Spring 2016

just between friendsI have to be honest. I haven’t always always been a thrifty shopper. I would have no problem dropping well over $100 on a pair of jeans, and had an unhealthy relationship with shoes for a hot second.

And then I had kids, and they sucked the well completely dry. I should take that back. My first is a little girl, and that only intensified my love of shopping. Once I had a second kiddo, a boy, I realized I was sick and tired of spending full price for clothes that would only last one season.

It wasn’t until two years ago that I discovered Just Between Friends, and have been not only a shopper, but a consigner ever since. I have to tell you: though it may seem daunting, once you get your first check from the stuff you sell, you’ll be absolutely hooked.

I really look forward to the Spring Just Between Friends sale because I’m totally in the mood to clear out the clutter in my house. This is the perfect way to offload the gear/toys/clothes that have slowly been filling the space in my garage, and it just feels good to part ways with it. This year’s Spring Just Between Friends sale is April 29 through May 1, and a few of the policies and procedures have changed to make things easier for you!

First off, there are some items Just Between Friends cannot accept. These include recalled items, fast food toys, out of date or style items, non-brand stuffed animals, car seats older than 5 years old, and a few more that you can find on their website. You can also sign up for an account there, as well as register to sell at their upcoming spring sale.

As they say, starting out is the hardest part of being a consigner, but once you’ve mastered the practice of being quick and efficient, consigning is really very easy. Here are some tips if you’re just starting out:

-Place a box in the closet. Throughout the year, add items that no longer fit or are played with.
-Don’t wait until the last minute to get started!!
-Prep and tag as you go along. More about this below.

Okay, on to the “hard” part – tagging. Here’s what you’ll need:

-White cardstock (65#)
-1 1/2 & 2” safety pins
-Child size plastic hangers (tip: buy these from the Dollar Store!)
-Gallon size bags
-Clear packaging tape
-Ribbon, string or zip-ties
-A computer and printer

Next up, enter your items into the very easy online portal. They have simple step-by-step instructions for you, and while this may seem like the most tedious part of it, it helps you to see exactly what items you are entering into the sale. After everything is entered, print out the manifest on the heavy cardstock, and get ready to pin them to your items.

Tagging your items is fairly simple, but there are some things you should know. The tag must be in the upper right shoulder of a shirt or upper right front hip of pants. I usually plan on spending an hour or two for tagging, depending on how much stuff I have. After tagging all of your items, you’re ready for drop off!

Now, I’m not going to lie. In the past, I dreaded drop off. It took a long time, and there was a lot of waiting around. I’m happy to say that the fine folks at Just Between Friends have changed the drop off, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. Whereas in the past, you had to have each item inspected by a Just Between Friends volunteer, this year they are doing a reverse drop off. When you drop off, you’ll first check in, and then unload. You’ll then have your large items checked, and then will be free to place all of your clothing and smaller items on the floor. Once all large items have been inspected, you will then be directed to a check-out table, where items that do not pass inspection will be returned. All items will be inspected after drop-off, allowing you to get in and out as soon as possible. Win win!

I can’t let this post go by without a plug for Just Between Friends’ volunteer system. Volunteers who give two hours of their time qualify for 65% of their sales. Four hours or more qualify for 70%. I ALWAYS think it’s worth it to volunteer so you’re making as much as you can from your items.

Just Between Friends Reno has put together a very handy, 14 page document that outlines everything you need to know (and more!) on their website.


About Tracie Barnthouse

Tracie Barnthouse
A Midwestern girl who has laid roots in Reno, Tracie Barnthouse is the mother of two {A (4) and E (9 months)}, and wife of one (Token). Publicist by day, her job keeps her busy, and she’s still learning that tightrope walk of work/life balance. Barnthouse moved to Reno in 2012 from Sicily, Italy, where she lived for four years. Prior to that, four years were spent on the island of Guam, but she’s come to realize that home isn’t defined by a speck on a map. From overseas travel tips with infants and toddlers to glimpses of everyday life, she hopes to share stories that help us realize we’re all on this crazy ride called Motherhood together.

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