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Thoughts That Go Through My Head Before 7:30 am

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Most mornings for me are a blur and I’m just happy to get through the work week. It’s the little things we celebrate in our home.  No matter how prepared I am, I am never prepared enough for my toddler’s hurricane of emotions. YAY for being a Mommy! I’m finding that with my growing toddler I’m becoming the queen of multitasking physically and mentally. I’m learning how to go with the flow and embrace the chaos. Here are my actual morning thoughts before 7:30 am.

1. How did you get in my bed?
2. Where’s my coffee?
3. Did I lay out clothes for you?
4. Why are you fighting with me to change your diaper?
5. Where are you clothes?
6. Where are your socks?
7. Where’s my coffee?
8. What should I pack for lunch?
9. Is this really what I want to wear to work?
10. Is there anything stronger than coffee I can drink before work and get away with it?
11. Is it already 6:30 am?
12. Do I have time to curl my hair?
13. Do I have time to brush my hair?
14. Can you just sit still while I fix your hair?
15. Where are your matching shoes?
16. Did I eat breakfast?
17. How did this yogurt stain get on my pants?
18. Where are my keys?!?!?!?
19. Am I missing something?
20. Did I bring diapers for daycare?
21. What is that smell?
22. Can we make to daycare and work in 30 minutes?
23. Are we already running late?
24. We didn’t miss the Alice 96.5 Hollywood Trash did we?
25. Where’s my cell phone?
26. Where’s Mowgz? ( security doll)
27. Did I make my bed?
28. Did we feed the cat?
29. Where’s my coffee?
30. Did I bring my badge for work?

Do you have any of the same random thoughts before sending off your kids to school/daycare? What are your random thoughts before 8:00 am? Let me know if you can relate to any of my thoughts


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Jannine Wells
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