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Kickstart Your Kids’ Online Security

Today, a friend and fellow parent who leans toward the tech nerd side of the spectrum (sorry Adam!) pointed me in the direction of a new Kickstarter campaign for a product I would have LOVED to have when our kids were smaller – and still may use even with high school-aged kids: netpure™. It’s an Internet safety tool designed to protect kids from online predators and adult content, while managing time spent online.

Since the Kickstarter campaign launched Monday morning, it has already raised more than 10 percent of its goal. This is why:

Three local developers, John Gagliardi, Steve Weyrick and Tyler Ebel, combined their skills with those of co-founders Jere Simpson and Jared Agnew to create netpure, a “Plug & Play” online safety net. Together, the team has decades of experience building online security systems and software for customers like Amazon, the DOD, the FBI and Samsung, which they applied to a cause they cared even more about – protecting their children online.

netpunetpure_2re plugs directly into your Internet router, creating a second, secure wireless router that your children can then access just as they would the normal online network. It leaves parents’ access unrestricted while blocking all content the parent deems inappropriate, as well as those avenues that could be dangerous access points for online predators. It also monitors and manages time spent online and can even be set to allow only educational access during certain windows of time.

netpure is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and other wireless devices, allowing parents to remotely (and privately) modify controls, set time limits, view attempts to access blocked content and more. You can even get notifications on your Smart Watch! So cool!

netpure is compatible with your wireless device so you can modify online controls remotely.
netpure is compatible with your wireless device so you can modify online controls remotely.

I’m not normally one to endorse products via the RMB community, but I truly think this one is a gem. And as someone who works daily in a security-heavy environment (both online and physically) it really seems like they’ve thought of everything while also making producing a user-friendly product. I’m so excited to see netpure up and running after its Kickstarter campaign because I really think it’s going to revolutionize online security for families. If I had small kids I would snap it up ASAP.  Because protecting your kids is hard enough as it is without the world wide web of predators, porn and other nastiness you don’t want them being exposed to on the daily. This is a huge step in the direction of easily executed online protection that doesn’t cost a fortune or require a degree in computer science.

Photos Courtesy: netpure™


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