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To My Future Self…

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Honestly, I love to hate it, hate to love it, and spend too much time debating on whether to delete my social media accounts or keep them active.

I’ve taken plenty of social media breaks over the years, but have always found myself coming back because for many, social media has become a primary communication channel. It’s part of who we are; a way of life.

My friends share countless inspiring, motivating postcards and images on Facebook and while I enjoy scrolling through them and absorbing the messages they send, what I love even more are the inspirational, motivational posts that my friends’ write themselves. This is some of the stuff that keeps me coming back for more.

Like this post:

 I owe it to my future self to stay healthy.

To me, it’s a simple post but speaks volumes. This friend was referring to exercise when they wrote it but, after reading it what I thought about was my future self.


I realized I don’t think about my future self as often as I should. At the start of a new year, I don’t push a re-set button. I don’t make resolutions. I don’t choose a word of the year. Sure, I’ve tinkered with these ideas but nothing has ever really grabbed hold.

But this idea…the idea I owe something to my future self…I like it. So, I’m going to share with you a short list of what I owe my future self and challenge you to create your own list in the coming months!

  • I owe it to my future self to eat foods that make me feel good and give me energy.
  • I owe it to my future self to cultivate strong, lasting, meaningful relationships.
  • I owe it to my future self to be financially sound.
  • I owe it to my future self to rest.
  • I owe it to my future self to set healthy boundaries.
  • I owe it to my future self to love without abandon.
  • I owe it to my future self to exercise.
  • I owe it to my future self to accept God’s mercy and grace.
  • I owe it to my future self to grow and keep growing.

These are the things I owe to my future self, and the things that I will choose to remember as we move into 2016 and beyond. How about you?

Future self


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Jennifer Woodbury Duval
A right coaster now living on the left, Jennifer Duval is a mom to two rambunctious boys, and works full-time in the communications department at a Fortune 500 company. Fueled by logic, she is a no-nonsense type of gal who doesn’t buy into the latest trends, but does like to try new, trendy restaurants. An avid reader, she also loves coffee, chocolate, Zumba, and discovering new places.

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