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Why Mamas Need a Spa Day

Moms enjoying a spa day. Copyright: macniak / 123RF Stock Photo
Moms enjoying a spa day. Copyright: macniak / 123RF Stock Photo

After weeks of holidays, with all the associated to do lists and papercuts, I swear next year will be the all gift bag and tissue paper year, I figured the mamas needed a break. A quick phone call and we were scheduled for a spa day.

The three of us trudged through the snow into the quiet, perfectly warm and comfortable spa environment, you know where they play a lot of pan flute music, and the decorating always seems to include Roman columns or those huge vases.

The nicest spa attendant ever made sure we had fluffy robes and some slippers. She led the mamas and me through the spa on a tour and told us where the quiet areas were, but I have no idea what she said because we were busy talking to much.

And, then you are led into your treatment room, where you are about to have a facial/wrap/massage or maybe one of those hot stone or reflexology things. Now I have to tell you, any and all of these treatments are amazing, but my thoughts while having a treatment are always pretty similar. You walk into the room and climb on that massage table and focus on relaxing while your brain goes into overdrive. Here is just a sample of what I think of in a treatment room:

  • Well this is nice, the blankets are heated. Very relaxing.
  • I wonder if they have a huge dryer for the blankets, crap did I put the wet clothes in the dryer at home. Stop! I am relaxing.
  • That music is nice, I never knew there were so many songs featuring the pan flute.
  • I should have more facials, because how often do I have someone wash my face for an hour.
  • Oh the sound of that fountain is so calming, very calming. And, now I have to pee. Maybe I can wait. Nope.
  • Ok, now I am relaxed again, totally relaxed. Did I pay the Visa bill? No, no, no! I am paying for this relaxing day, stop thinking about the Visa bill.
  • If I won Powerball, I would have someone give me a scalp massage every day and wash my face for an hour.
  • Don’t fall asleep, you might snore.
  • I am relaxing, I am relaxing, I should roll over that 401K. Crap! Relax, dammit!
  • Are aestheticians required to love the pan flute or are they allowed to just tolerate it?
  • My friend Cassandra hates the pan flute.
  • I should have shaved my legs.
  • Relax, relax, relax.
  • I can’t believe it has been an hour!

You then go into to room where you drink a great deal of Spa Water with some sort of fruit combination in it, because hydration is very important after a treatment. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if I start hearing this from my mechanic after an oil change. “We’ll see you again in 5,000 miles, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!”

Just to give you a peek behind the curtain, this part of the spa is filled with amazingly, cushy lounge chairs, a whirlpool, cold plunge, steam room, a sauna and some funky showers. There is always someone walking around completely nude, which is always slightly startling when you come around the corner. If you are like me, you will think, “Huh, so that is what my grandma would have looked like nude?”

Let me let you in on a secret, this is the room where the magic happens. Because for four or five hours you reconnect with your girlfriends, read some trashy magazines and stop thinking about the Visa bill, the laundry and that you are out of milk. You order a spa salad (when you might actually want fries) and, if you are lucky, you talk about your frustrations and your dreams and you laugh. You actually relax in this room.

Spa days are an essential gift to you and to everyone your love. Everyone deserves a day off, but what is more important is to give yourself permission to taken care of for a few hours. And it doesn’t have to be a traditional spa day, it can be a shopping trip to TJ Maxx, getting a cup of coffee or meeting for a walk. I had a great Spa Day at an Albertson’s once while grocery shopping with a friend.

This year resolve to schedule some time to have a spa day every few months with your friends, or just you. And listen to some pan flute music, unless you are Cassandra, she really hates pan flutes.

Some of my favorite Spa Day locations in Reno are:

Where do you like to like to go for your Spa Day?



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