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Your Nutrition: Finding the Perfect Fit

how to keep mom healthyAsk anyone – sisters, friends of friends, bloggers, and neighbors – everyone has their own opinion about nutrition. Some diet plans are restrictive and extreme. Others sound too good to be true (did somebody say a donut diet!?) This can make choosing a smart nutrition plan tricky. Luckily, the experts at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center are here to dispel common food myths and misunderstandings and provide you with a variety of fun, interactive classes so that you can find the right fit for you! Their registered dietitian Elise Compston, RD, LD, will be heading up a series of events all throughout the month of March, which just so happens to also be National Nutrition Month!

Choose from a variety of events:

Nutrition Blogs: March 1-31st. Nutrition-based blogs on a variety of topics ranging from eating out, quick weekday meals, picky eaters, healthy snacking, pre and post workout nutrition, and much more. See saintmarysfitness.com/Blog.aspx for more details.

Ask the Dietitian: Come stop by our center to meet with Elise and ask any questions you may have about food or your nutrition. Saturday, March 19th, 9-10:30 a.m. at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. Free event open to the public and current members. 645 N. Arlington, Reno, NV 89503.

Raley’s Grocery Store Tour: Learn to navigate the aisles of the grocery store and gain confidence making informed food choices every time you shop. Monday, March 21st, 9-10:30 a.m. at Raley’s, 1630 Robb Drive. $25 for singles, $40 for couples/buddies. Includes a 90-minutes shopping activity led by Elise and a free reusable shopping bag!

Nutrition Bootcamp – A 5-week interactive educational course designed to give you the up-to-date tips and tools to make smart, informed food choices for healthy bodies and active lifestyles. Includes a grocery store tour, nutrition and meal plan guide, and food demos (with tastings!) Tuesdays, March 29th – April 19th starting at 5:30 p.m. at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. $99 for singles, $149 for couples/buddies.

For more information, contact Elise Compston at ECompston@primehealthcare.com or (775) 770-7898.

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