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The Top 20 Thoughts This Mom Has While Jumping at EZ Air

ez air trampolines
Photo Credit: EZ Air Trampoline Park & Laser Tag

When the winter days are cold and gloomy, I find that my kids start bouncing off the walls at home. These are the days that I find I’m much more likely to comply when they start begging for an outing to EZ Air Indoor Trampoline Park.

I also look at it as a great exercise opportunity for myself, and slap on a sports bra and some Spandex so that I can jump with them for an hour. Because seriously — have you ever jumped on a trampoline for an hour straight?! It’s a killer workout.

As I was jumping recently, I took note of the thoughts running through my head, and became inspired to share them with all of you. So I give you:

My Top 20 Thoughts While Jumping at EZ Air

1. Woo-hoo, look at me jump! I’m the only mom jumping! Don’t these other parents know this is a fabulous workout?!

2. I’m sure these teenager “rule enforcers” are wondering if this old lady is going to hurt herself. Hell, I’m wondering if I’m going to hurt myself. Gonna stick to vanilla jumping with no attempts at tricks.

3. Uh, oh, I gotta pee. Jumping on a trampoline after having two kids means regular pee breaks.

4. I’m back! This is such a great workout! Oh my gosh, has it really only been 10  minutes?

5. I just paid more than my monthly gym membership to get my kids and I in the door for an hour. The ironic thing is we have a trampoline in our backyard. But this is so much fun that I really don’t care!

6. Uh, oh, my kid is standing in line waiting for dodge ball instead of jumping. Hey, you, get back to jumping! I paid good money to get your ya-ya’s out.

7. Oh, they’re playing 80s music. Trampolines really help amplify my awesome 80s dance moves.

8. When I’m on a trampoline, I can totally do some of the jumps I did on dance team in high school.

9. Holy cow, those teenage boys doing flips kind of freak me out and inspire me at the same time. Crap, I’m going to have a teenage boy in 7 years. I bet he’s going to be just like those teenage boys doing flips.

ez air teenage boy
Photo Credit: EZ Air Trampoline Park & Laser Tag

10. I don’t know why they call it dodge ball here at EZ Air. When you’re the only adult in the dodge ball trampoline area, you’re the target and there is no avoiding all of those balls flying straight at you. But watch out, kids, I’ll get you BACK!

Ez air dodge ball
Photo credit: EZ Air Trampoline Park & Laser Tag

11. My kid has challenged me to sparring with a battle  stick. BRING IT ON, KID.

12. Drat, there is a line for the sparring. No standing in lines! I paid good money for you kids to jump up and down for an hour so you’re not bouncing off the walls when we get home! Oh, fine, you stand in line and come get me when it’s our turn. I have calories to burn!

13. My turn for sparring. I hope I can get my middle aged rear end up on this balance beam out of the foam pit.

ez air sparring
Photo Credit: EZ Air Trampoline Park & Laser Tag

14. I just knocked my kid off the balance beam. Woo! This old mom is stronger than a kid! I am the SPARRING CHAMPION. (Let’s not talk about the size difference here.)

15. Oh, crap. I’m stuck in a foam pit. This is embarrassing.

16. Have I really only been jumping for 35 minutes? This is the longest hour of my life. I’d be in great shape if I could do this every day.

17. The sign on the wall says that jumping on a trampoline can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. That’s like 5 glasses of wine I’ve earned, right? Or at least wine and dessert.

18. My kid is now dragging me over to the trampolines in front of basketball hoops. Look at me! I can make a basket while bouncing! This old mom rocks!

19. After seeing a teenage boy grab onto the rim of the basketball hoop and dunk it like Michael Jordan, I realize I was totally doing it wrong. I wonder if that teenage boy has any clue who Michael Jordan is.

20. I’m wearing my sweat like a badge of honor as I walk out past the parents who have been looking at their phones for the past hour. I’ve also earned a ton of Cool Mom Points with my kids. If that was a thing. You people really don’t know what you’re missing.

So next time your kid badgers you for a trip to EZ Air, I challenge you to jump with them. It really is a fun way to set an active and fun example for your kids!

Note: This post was not sponsored by EZ Air Trampoline and Laser Tag, but I sure wouldn’t turn down a complimentary jump session for the kids and I as a thank you for the free publicity! 😉


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