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Done is better than perfect

I’ve hit a procrastination wall… hard! I don’t think it’s that I’m not focused, it’s just that I have too much to do to do any of it well. Twenty billion thoughts bouncing around inside my skull results in none of them actually taking root. But if there must be an upside to this total personal stagnation, it’s that I’ve found my New Year’s resolution: Get it done.

Yep, that’s as deep as I’m going this year. No vows to live in the present. No promises to speak my truth. And definitely no challenges to lose five

Credit: www.urbanblissmedia.com
Credit: www.urbanblissmedia.com

pounds or run a marathon. Nope, this year I’m all about simply getting it done. I’ll stop waiting for the right time. I’ll stop making promises to get around to it when things calm down. This year, I’m going to check things off my list and be content with simply getting things done and not stress over doing them perfectly.

My biggest excuse for not going to the gym is that it’s silly to work out only once this week. I’ll work out next week when I can actually make time for a jog on my lunch breaks. Wrong! I’ll go today, even if I know I won’t be there again for two weeks. I will get it done. Today.

I won’t put off planning my daughter’s birthday party until I have enough time to plan the whole thing start to finish. Nope, tonight we’ll book the party place, and tomorrow we’ll send out invitations. Next week I’ll worry about the cake. Done.

Ok, I know this is not the world’s most profound New Year’s resolution, but if the new year is about reflecting on one’s shortcomings from the year before and trying to improve in the new year, then this is huge for me. I’m a far cry from Type A perfectionist, but I like to know the full game plan before I dive into things. I like to feel like I have a strong grasp on what I’m doing and allow myself plenty of time to think of the little details and improve my plan along the way.

And that’s why my personal blog hasn’t been updated since May – I’ve been waiting for a full day of free time (what’s that?!) to coincide with a sprinkle of dust from the Inspiration Fairy so I can finally tackle all the upgrades, design tweaks, and content updates I need to do. That hasn’t happened, and it’s been nearly nine months… and counting.

That’s also why I haven’t been to a yoga class in at least six months. See, I can’t go to yoga all stressed out, so I need to set up a peaceful space somewhere in my house for quiet time, which won’t happen until I organize the office where that peaceful space will go. But I can’t organize the office until I figure out what to do with the kids’ Nintendo Wii. I could move the Wii to the living room, but that would mean I have to make space on the TV console, and that needs a serious dusting before I can do ANYTHING! But I hate dusting, so I’ll save it for a day when I really feel like deep-cleaning the house. Ha! Like that day will ever come! So here we are. No yoga.

Those five pounds I would ordinarily vow to melt off in the new year? Those are a result of thinking it’s pointless to eat healthfully during the holidays; I’ll start paying attention again Jan. 1. But Jan. 1 is so close to a slough of birthdays in my family, so really it’s pointless to even think about a salad until mid-February. Besides, the weather is so cold and dreary, I’ll feel so much more motivated in March.

Wow, a therapist could have a field day with my thought bubbles!

And that brings me back to my resolution: Get it done.

I will post something to my blog, whether it’s inspired and eloquent or not. Just post. Just get it done.

I will go to yoga scatterbrained, stressed, and wired. I will just go.

I will dust the TV console without feeling dragged down by the shelves that also need dusting and the baseboards that need cleaning. I will just get it done.

I will eat a healthy dinner tonight. I might eat birthday cake tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow. Today I can choose to just get it done.

Things will not be done perfectly. And they will not necessarily be pretty. But they will be done. And in this hectic life I live, that’s all I can ask of myself for now.



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