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Jump n Shout Sports – Birthdays, Tumbling, and Open Gym

It’s winter. And our kids have officially gone stir crazy. Finding activities to keep them busy that don’t involve the television (on repeat, at least), is a challenge – especially when you add the word affordable to the lineup.

All this being said, we at Reno Moms Blog have the pleasure of partnering with Jump n’ Shout, Sports for Kids to provide a wonderful giveaway for our blog readers!IMG_9469

If you haven’t heard of Jump n’ Shout, it’s a facility located in NW Reno, one that is dedicated to providing a safe, exciting environment to help kids with their built up energy. They offer high quality tumbling instruction of all levels, competitive & recreational cheerleading, competitive and recreational pole vaulting, conditioning classes, trampolines and four bounce houses.  They have weekly open play, monthly parent’s night outs, and weekend birthday parties. Because, parents, let’s be honest – who doesn’t need a night out? Especially knowing that your kids will be completely worn out at the end of the night, ripe and ready for bed!

They offer clinics that focus on specific abilities – from cartwheels, back handsprings, standing tucks (something I could never do, regardless of age!), and back and front walkovers.

But then, there’s an additional benefit to this facility – and that’s their Powerful Words program, a comprehensive Character Development Curriculum IMG_9294that focuses on providing each student the strength to explore, and the foundation to succeed. This curriculum focuses on providing children the ability to foster their individual confidence, while contributing to the greater team and group. With many concerns running rampant about bullying, this is a skillset I’m overly eager to develop in my children.

Explore their website, and in the meantime, comment on the status update back on Reno Moms Blog to enter the giveaway. What do you win? One of their best packages – $69 for 6 weeks of unlimited tumbling.

Want more information about their program, facilities, teachers and staff? Check out their website, and  follow their Facebook page. Comment on our status with your questions – they’ll be here to help!


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  1. Looks like a good time at that my son would love to check it out

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