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Getting Back to the Basics

Photo credit: Edson Hong
Photo credit: Edson Hong

We can all remember vividly our teenage days when we were full of energy, lived in the moment and had no regrets. Fast forward a few decades, add in a few kids, busy schedules and all the other things you are juggling and the result equates to no energy, cutting corners and forgetting about your health.

Now, I know many of us care about our health but when you are everything to everyone, it’s often left behind. It’s easy to get sidetracked – especially when mom’s homemade pies are staring you in the face – but why not get back to the basics?

As I find myself talking to clients of all generations about how to be healthy. Whether you’re a new mom, have school-aged kids or in your menopause years it is so important to build a lifestyle of health that works for you. No one knows you better than you so find a system that matches your needs, interests and allows you live comfortably.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. You don’t have time to count calories, go the store and find foods you’ve never heard of, read book-after-book on how to be fit – you need something simple, right? Perfect. Here are a few tips to follow that will help you simplify your health and stay focused on what makes you happy – kids, family, animals, work, hobbies, and more.

  1. Get An Annual Exam – Book it now! Meeting with your provider each year is easy to attain. Getting an annual physical and bloodwork can identify any potential issues and ensure you are proactive about any inherited health conditions.
  2. Choose Fresh Foods – When you grocery shop, pick fresh foods more often than processed foods. Start with small changes and you’ll notice a big difference.
  3. Exercise – Being active supports stress reduction and mood elevation. Only 30 minutes a day or three times a week is all you need. Start simple and find something you enjoy.
  4. Advocate for Your Health – Listen to your body and if something isn’t right, don’t postpone seeing your provider. Preventive medicine is an integral part in being healthy long-term.
  5. Slow Down – Take time to focus on yourself and everyone benefits. Set aside a few minutes daily to have a cup of coffee, paint your nails, read an article or simply sit in silence. Even a short reprieve from your daily schedule can feel really good.
  6. Be Realistic – Change takes time and goals can be ongoing so don’t feel guilty if you haven’t made progress overnight. You have to learn what works for your lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

Getting back to the basics is a simple formula anyone can try. And don’t forget, life will happen and you should let it, but don’t let it distract you from what you truly care about. Success is right around the corner and celebrating the small victories will keep you motivated along the way.


Copyright - Jeramie Lu Photography | www.JeramieLu.com | available for travel worldwide
Copyright – Jeramie Lu Photography | www.JeramieLu.com | available for travel worldwide

Lynn Anderson, CNM is a certified nurse midwife at Saint Mary’s Women’s Health Center. She is an advocate for women’s health, leads a new MenoHealth program for women dealing with peri- and menopause, and has worked with patients of all generations to support their long-term health goals. To learn more about Lynn’s approach or to find out more about Saint Mary’s midwifery program, call 775-770-6940.







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