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The Couture Closet: My Fashion Mentors!

I am not a particularly fashionable person, and I don’t like to shop. I’m probably that way because I grew up with two older brothers.

But I like to look good, and sometimes I just wish someone would tell me what to wear and what would look good on me.

I have found that person. Isha Casagrande has to be one of the most fashionable women in Reno. I met her several years ago when she was a personal shopper at a local mall, but she has recently opened her own store called The Couture Closet.

This is Isha. She’s like having a fashionable big sister that will pick out your clothes for you.

isha Casagrande


The Couture Closet is a style house in which you can shop the boutique or work with experienced stylists who can help you stretch your budget and turn your wardrobe into a fashionista’s dream. They believe that style is not about what label you are wearing, but about how self confident you feel in what you are wearing.

I recently saw that the Couture Closet was offering a new service called Cruisin Couture, a personal styling service specifically designed “for the busy individual”. (Hello, that would be me!)

How it works:

1.  You schedule a private couture consultation in person, via Skype or Facetime. (Since I have used Isha before, it was a simple email telling her what I was after.)

2.  A couture collection of pieces is chosen by trained stylists. Clothing and accessories are styled for your lifestyle and budget. You’re provided with an email of photos with how to mix and match the pieces. (For style challenged people like myself, this is such a valuable feature that helps you get more looks out of the clothes you buy.)

3.  Your couture package is delivered on a Friday and unwanted items will be picked up on Monday.  It gives you the weekend to play dress up and decide what will or won’t work for you. I modeled my clothes for my fashionista daughter, who gave a major thumbs up to this improvement in my wardrobe!

The cost for this service is $25, which is waived if you buy 3 or more pieces.

With my new job and through Reno Moms Blog, I’ve been doing a fair amount of TV appearances, and after physically cringing when I saw what my outfit looked like during my last appearance, I called up the Couture Closet and told Isha that I needed clothes that would look good on camera. I specifically asked for dresses that would look good with tights and boots.

Just a few days later, an adorably fashionable employee of Isha’s (who was like a younger version of Isha herself) delivered the clothes and accessories that Isha picked out for me personally. I put on the dresses and tops that she had picked out, and the clothes looked fabulous on me, for very reasonable prices. Having a “personal shopper” may sound like a luxury, but the Couture Closet has great fashions for very affordable prices.

If you haven’t used a personal shopper before, I highly encourage you to give Isha’s Couture Closet a try. I’ve used her personal shopping service in the past for a variety of scenarios:

  • The year I got out my Fall/Winter wardrobe and hated everything. I gave her a budget, and she picked out pieces that would mix and match to price effectively give my wardrobe a much needed boost.
  • When I got an interview for a job I really wanted and realized I didn’t have any suits that fit. She picked out a lovely pant suit that made me feel confident and stylish in my interview.
  • When I decided to go to my high school reunion very last minute, and decided I needed a new cocktail dress stat.

Here are some of the outfits I picked up through Cruisin Couture. I get so many compliments on these outfits! (And please ignore my goofy poses — it’s obvious I don’t have Isha’s modeling experience!)

Green dress with brown crushed velvet flowers (the picture truly doesn’t do the pattern on this dress justice!). Price: $64

The Couture Closet Green Dress


Cream Sweater with gold and white necklace. Price for sweater: $49

The Couture Closet Sweater


Mocha dress with suede cuffs and collar. (I paired this with a scarf Isha had picked out for me a few years ago!) Price: $59

The Couture Closet Mocha Dress


Here I am on Mornings on Fox in one of my new outfits. Mission accomplished!

Mornings on Fox 11 Couture Closet


Cruisin Couture is only one of the services offered by The Couture Closet. They also offer in home “Couture Closet” make overs,  where they help you mix and match new outfits from your existing clothes, “Confidential Couture” personal shopping services, “Champagne and Couture” private events and more. They customize a couture plan with every client including delivery service, previews of incoming merchandise and more. The Couture Closet is a place where you can spend time with your girlfriends, enjoy some giggles and bubbles and find your inner self confidence and express it in your wardrobe. It is more than just a couture closet…it is a couture lifestyle.

Even for those of us that are fashion-challenged!

I encourage you to check out this great local shop. It would be a fabulous place to pick up a dress for a holiday party, a gift for a girlfriend, and a glass of champagne while you shop!

Note: This post was NOT sponsored by The Couture Closet. I’m simply a very satisfied customer that wants to share this lovely gem with all of the Reno Moms! I was not compensated for this post, but sure wouldn’t turn down a glass of champagne next time I visit the shop! Here is the flyer for Cruisin Couture!

couture closet


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