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9 Advantages of Being a Young Mom


Recently, I’ve been noticing an increase of flack given to young moms and quite frankly I’m a little tired of seeing it. I know that the latter will not make it go away, but airing out my frustrations seems necessary. People don’t like the fact that I was married at 21 to my high school sweetheart, and became a mom at 23. They find it comical that someone so young could be a mother and a wife because at my age most people are living as the famous E-card goes: “who really chooses to leave the party before 10:00 pm?” I certainly did. I found love at a young age and didn’t want to let it go. We decided to start our family young and that’s everything in the world I could ask for. I know that my life is exactly the way it should be. Here are my reasons why I love being a young mom.

  1. Young(er) Grandparents

I get the pleasure of sharing my children with my in-laws and my parents at a younger age than expected. They get to enjoy time with my girl that I never really got to do with my own grandparents. Both of my parents were older parents, having me and my brother at 37 and 40. At first, they had all of the energy in the world, but when it came down to keeping up with us in our teens, they simply couldn’t handle it. I was always a bit envious at the fact that my older siblings got to enjoy my “young” parents.

  1. More Energy/Patience

I can keep up with my daughter when she’s running around in the store, at home and at a park as well as allowing her to be a kid. I don’t have to worry about catching my breath or being too tired right now with her. I understand that kids will be kids and they need to explore themselves (her nickname is Hurricane Haidyn) even if it’s her throwing a tantrum at the store or melting down because she’s hungry. I have the energy and the patience to deal with it all while it’s happening. I don’t expect her to be quiet, behave and be happy all the time – that’s just downright stupid. I overwork myself more often than I’d like to admit and still scrounge up some energy to play with her and keep up. She’s happy and I’m happy that I got to spend more time running around like a crazy women with her.

  1. IMG_5973Rockin’ my “Mom Bod”

I’m not going to say that I bounced back quickly, but my bounce back was quicker than if I were older. I have the patience (limited patience that is) to work out and focus on eating healthy for myself. I went through a C-Section and was blessed to be in an out of the hospital within 48 hours. I loved that I was back on my feet so quickly. I was able to continue with my normal life with a baby. I also have more time to work on my “mom bod” if I want to.

  1. Sharing our accomplishments

My life isn’t over just because I had a baby young! Your life doesn’t stop because you choose to have children earlier in life. You can still accomplish everything you want and more once you have children. I get to go to school to further my education and share that experience with her. My promotions at work are being shared with her. My work ethic doesn’t derail me from me being a good mother. Yes, my career path was put on temporary hold for a bit, but I hopped back on track quicker because I needed to continue for my daughter. She can see how hard I work for her and her future and she can take a little something from that.

  1. Goal oriented and ambitious

As a mother and a wife my goals in life are no longer just my own. I strive to give 150% at work for my family. I don’t work just to work, I have goals in mind to accomplish and complete. I’m working to the bone to ensure that my daughter gets everything she needs and a little of what she wants as well as my husband. We’re working for the best education for our daughter and future children, a house to call our own and create memories with our family.

  1. IMG_5346Growing Up

Becoming a parent, I was forced into growing up with a purpose. I spent life being okay being a pushover with part-time friends, hanging out at events that I could care less about and that couldn’t happen in my life now. I cut everyone off that didn’t understand that my family would always come first. Negativity brought around my family wouldn’t be tolerated. People that didn’t care about my family and my new life, no longer needed to be around us. Your true friends surface and you learn to lean on family when you need them the most.

  1. No lifestyle adjustment

I never knew what it was like to have all sorts of luxurious things in life. I never blew my money out of proportion on a glamorous lifestyle. Therefore, I didn’t have to adjust my lifestyle to accommodate my bundle of joy. Our financial situation was tight at first but can only grow to be better in time. I went from a hardworking broke college student to an overtired working young mombie (mom zombie). The only thing I am missing out on is the sleep. There is no life to adjust to because my adult life will always be the time that I became a parent.

  1. An early empty nest

A real perk of being a mom young is the fact that my girl will be a college graduate when I’m 46! Hello I can’t beat that! I was 9 when my mom was 46. At 50, I will still be able to enjoy my time with my husband and travel the world. We still get to have the life we wanted and dreamed of with our kids off being successful in the world.

  1. IMG_496910 more years with our children

Being young parents also means that I get more years with my children. I will outgrow my role as a “mother” per say and take on the role as their friend. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for anyways? I get to experience being a grandparent and maybe even a great grandparent. Who doesn’t want to meet your great grandchildren!?

I’m nowhere near the perfect mom/wife but I couldn’t be happier with my choice of starting my family early. I was blessed enough to enjoy the life I was given at the age I am so that I can grow in love with my family. People search their entire lives finding someone to start their family with and or to have one at all. I wouldn’t change my life for anything in this world. I’m learning how to become a better person, mother and wife all because of choosing to start my life sooner. If I left the party before 10:00 pm, it certainly wasn’t a party I wanted to attend/be a part of in the first place.




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