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Daily Grind, On and On It Goes…

IMG_0099As I write this I realize that another summer has passed… half the year is done and as we all begin another school year, it’s time to start the daily grind again! This summer was a bit different and unusual for me and my husband, as our kids were gone for four and a half weeks to enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather with their grandparents.

When I was making the plans for their trip and booking the flights, I was kind of excited. I thought, WOW! I am going to have all the time in the world to do all the things that I wanted to do instead of doing all the things that everyone else wanted me to do!

IMG_0166As many of you might understand, we parents live our kids’ lives day in and day out. They go to school, but I feel like I have the homework. And then there are all the various activities that we have to take them to. My entire week was booked, Monday is ballet, Tuesday there is soccer, Wednesday is chess day, Thursday there is soccer again, Friday piano and Saturday soccer games! By the time I get done with these activities, help complete homework, finish dinner and get things packed for the next day, it’s time to get ready to tackle the next day.

I was excited about these four and a half weeks, as I told myself I have no homework, no activi-ties, no rushing from point A to point B, and no going through the week like it’s Groundhog Day. I actually started looking forward to my summer vacation.

FullSizeRenderI have two kids, my son Sahil is 11 years old and my daughter Simryn is seven. They were more excited about this trip than my husband and I were. Mostly, I think they we happy that they could sleep in with no one to wake them up early in the morning to go to a summer camp. Both my husband and I work so it’s kind of a break for them when school is off, but it’s also not as they are on the same pick-up and drop-off schedule when they go to summer camp. They were excited to plan their own field trips. They were looking forward to seeing all their friends that they have in Michigan and were already planning trips to the zoo, the museum, the water parks, etc.

The day finally came for them to start their adventure, and it was a bitter sweet moment. Part of me was happy about the break and a part of me could not let go of them for such a long time! Although I was confident that they were going to be more than okay, the mom in me couldn’t stop thinking about various scenarios in my head. Will they behave, will they remem-ber to brush their teeth, will they remember to apply sunscreen, will they be okay when they are by the pool and what about when they are playing on the street?

To keep myself from overthinking, my husband and I started planning the things we would like to do during this time… a trip to Las Vegas, Cirque shows, non-Disney movies, nice quiet dinners and date nights!

Finally, the day came when the kids were gone, it was just us and SILENCE! There weren’t any fights that I had to settle, no requests that I make this make or that and no more rushing around driving madly from activity to activity!

We did end up going to Vegas, we watched several movies, the Cirque show too was amazing, but we both realized that something was missing. No matter what activities we did, we always saw things that would remind of the kids. We would imagine a best case and a worst case sce-nario, as if the kids were with us and thought about what they would have to say. I enjoyed the daily bedtime phone conversations in which I got to hear every little detail of their day in fara-way Michigan.

IMG_0166As they plan their return next week, I find myself looking forward to inevitable daily grind. I actually cannot wait to help them with their homework, drive them around to their endless activi-ties, answer numerous questions during the day and here them call “mummy, daddy” every other second. I am looking forward to their return, ready to start another school year with my kids. It’s time to have our talks about life, friends, morals, character, time to sing along to crazy songs, laugh out loud and have our little arguments here and there! This is the time we spend building memories. Memories that I know I am going to cherish when they have grown and won’t need our help to drive them around or assist with their homework.

It’s up to us to look at life and make the best or worst of it. This year, I am going to be positive, happy and thankful. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and cannot wait for another school year to start. After all, they are going to be in the 3rd and 6th grades just this one time. Although, I can’t say I’m looking forward to the back to school shopping though!

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Copyright – Jeramie Lu Photography | www.JeramieLu.com | available for travel worldwide

Dr. Devangi Desai is a pediatrician and internal medicine physician with Saint Mary’s Medical Group. She received her medical degree from Pramukhswami Medical College in Gujarat, India. She completed her clinical externship and residency at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich. where she specialized in internal medicine and pediatrics. Dr. Desai has been treating adult and pediatric patients in northern Nevada for over seven years. Additionally, she is a member of the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


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