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Summer has come and almost left us, which means school is back in session for my little one; so long to weekly field trips to the Splash Park and hello to school work- well sort of. This year my girl is 1 (almost (1 ½  ) and this year at daycare (we refer to it as school) will be completely different than the last. Her first year of school was all about her getting into a routine with Ms. Pattie (my brilliant daycare provider) and focusing on her large motor skills, i.e. crawling, rolling over, walking and standing. This year, Ms. Pattie’s lesson plans include her focusing not only on her large motor skills, but her fine motor, cognitive learning, language/communication and social emotional skills as well. Her learning now will set up the foundation of her future learning, so this year is crucial.

Ms. Pattie provides care for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. Her lesson plans have to accommodate the different learning styles/techniques and varied ages of all of the children harmoniously in a chemical free home. The school currently has a few children enrolled all ages ranging between 16 months to 6 years old, but having a low teacher to student ratio promotes more one on one learning for each individual child. The low ratios also provide a confidence in the families (me included) in knowing that my child will get the best care and learning experience through a UNR Family Child Care Network Provider. Alongside being a network provider this school is currently going through the National Accreditation process as wells as QRIS improvements to the daycare and the curriculum implemented for all of the children. All in all, Ms. Pattie’s families get the peace of mind that our children are receiving the highest early care and education through a remarkable educational program. She is altering the way the community views home daycares as a whole. I know my view certainly changed.

I know that Haidyn’s terrible 2’s and 3’s are right around the corner and I want to make sure that she is able to express herself instead of becoming frustrated that she can’t communicate with others i.e. biting/hitting. Her learning is progressing everyday and I thank Miss Pattie for that every single day. My girl is always curious and doesn’t want to stop learning through play. It’s such a good feeling to walk into their school and watch all of the children interact with one another through play. If children are learning through their play time and having fun while learning they have a greater chance of staying curious and hungry for knowledge.

At home, we will be doing more activities for development such as: role playing, coloring, drawing and building/stacking blocks to keep her busy and active. I’m fortunate enough to have open communication with Ms. Pattie when it comes to Haidyn’s learning. The communication via text, email and in person keeps us in sync with her learning on a daily basis. The learning never stops at school.

This school year as parents our goals for Haidyn are:

  • More fluid in her communication skills whether it’s sign language /English/Tagalog /Spanish and attempt to complete her own 2-4 word sentences.
  • Using her words instead of hands to express herself.
  • More comprehension of simple instructions/ question the world around her such as “What’s that?” and “Please get your blanket it under the couch.”
  • Reading – being able to sit down and enjoy at least one book.
  • Running, jumping, climbing stairs (up and down) by herself.
  • Sharing with her friends and showing compassion to them.
  • Becoming more familiar with writing/ scribbling/coloring.


Ms. Pattie’s school year goals for all of the children are:

  • Have children engage during circle time through listening to stories/singing/dance or participant in movement exercises.
  • Facilitate play within the group and encourage children to try new activities.
  • Train children to properly wash their hands and offer assistance as needed.
  • Provide individual potty training assistance. ( age appropriate children)
  • Implement age appropriate activities in the following areas: language arts, math/cognitive, science/sensory, art, motor skills, and music and movement.
  • Implement lesson plans that will increase their developing skills in a variety of age appropriate activities.
  • Encourage healthy social interactions by making sure each child is aware of their friends feeling and helping them to engage in constructive play with other children.
  • Have children explore the outside world with outside play time, both in the morning and afternoon (weather permitting).


Do you have any goals for your little ones at daycare this year? Do you they have any goals they want to fulfill themselves this school year? What’s important for you this school year when it comes to your provider? Do you believe daycare is more than just a daycare? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about back to school /daycare. Here is to a great school year!




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