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Save Money, Make Money

Once upon a time, I had money. No, I was never “rolling in the dough”, but there was a time in my life when I could splurge on an outfit, a dinner, a weekend away. I like to refer to this time as “B.C.” or Before Children.

I dream of the day that daycare is no longer a line item in my budget. I dream of the day that counting pennies is a thing of the past (though, from everything I hear, kids will always eat up your budget). One thing that I’ve found myself turning to more and more frequently, is buying used.

I’ve always been a slightly thrifty person – no, I’m not saving thousands every month, and no, I don’t have a stock pile of 600 bottles of Head and Shoulders from my couponing efforts, but I do appreciate a good deal – and a sensible choice.

With my first child, I received a lot of help in terms of baby-showers, fanatic grand parents, and an excess of free time. Everything we purchased, we purchased new – and boy, do I regret it. Because, as you with kids know, as soon as a child touches whatever you’ve purchased – it goes from brand spanking new to brand spanking old faster than light.

So, child two comes along, we have less time, less budget, and less … umph. I’ve gotten more crafty, more thrifty, and more practical. 

Enter: Once Upon a Child

How's this for soothing your OCD tendencies?
How’s this for soothing your OCD tendencies?

At Once Upon a Child, you can sell used items and purchase for your little one, but without breaking the bank. I went there this past week without a specific item in mind to check out what they have available. In short, everything.
The best part? It’s affordable – I love that I am buying used items for my little ones to destroy. We aren’t the most careful of families, my laundry colors most definitely get mixed, and my son loves to roll in the dirt. It’s one of the reasons I am committed to purchasing most things used – they won’t stay new anyway.

My haul was impressive – I got three new pairs of jammies (size 18 mo for my 10 mo old son); shoes for both my son and daughter (a pair of boat shoes, and Stride Rites!); a bouncing zebra toy because my son has more energy than should be humanly allowed, and a dinosaur toy – because, well, dinosaurs, all for under $50.

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out Once Upon a Child. They’ve got an incredibly exciting was their clearance section (yes, this means you’re an adult now, if you find clearance sections exciting, congratulations)- and they’ve got a plethora of items available for clearance (toys, shoes, clothes, you name it), and that clearance can be up to 75% off!

Lastly, make some of that money back by selling your items to the store. Whether it to be to recoop some of the “new” cost that you had to spend on your first, convincing yourself that your second child really was your last (and you can’t change your mind because your selling all your baby sh*t), or if you just can’t resist a good deal – Once Upon a Child is the way to go.



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Lindsey Sanford
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