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Carson City’s Thick Slice Pizza, Your New Family Tradition

In three short months, Thick Slice Pizza has earned a reputation for great food and a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s not surprising how popular this new restaurant has become when you learn about the family behind Thick Slice’s history.

It all started in 1991 when George and Maria bought Nick’s Pizza on Carson Street. Everyone in Carson City knew that when you wanted pizza, you went to see George and Maria. Now, 24 years later, their daughter, Stacey, and son-in-law, Aris Karey, are revolutionizing pizza in Carson, while still honoring the taste and traditions that George and Maria started years ago.

The Thick Slice Deluxe - So Many Toppings!
The Thick Slice Deluxe – So Many Toppings! Photos courtesy of Thick Slice.

Aris has spent years developing a thick-crust pizza with an amazingly crispy crust and a fresh, sweet flavor based on George’s pizza and sauce recipes. His dedication to fresh ingredients can be seen on every pie. A few of the Reno Moms who are known pizza connoisseurs joined me for a special Thick Slice Pizza Media Night. The four of us sampled several speciality pizzas from the Romana and Mexicali to the Aloha and Grecian along with salads and sandwiches. Here is what we loved about the pizzas and about Thick Slice:

Jamie: I loved meeting George, Maria, Aris and Stacey, they are an inspirational family. Also the story behind the drawing of George and Maria on the wall in the restaurant is so cute, their smiles say it all! They are a family that finds joy in what they do.

Aris and Stacy Karey show off one of Thick Slice's signature salads.
Stacy and Aris Karey show off one of Thick Slice’s signature salads. Photos courtesy of Thick Slice.

I love pizza, and this was definitely exceptional. I’m not a “Greek” flavor fan, but loved the Grecian. I adore Aloha… Mmm, pineapple! Thick Slice’s Hawaiian was definitely top shelf. The crust was universally crisp, a very important pizza trait! I also tried a Meatball Sandwich using Franco’s sourdough, it was wonderful, perfectly toasty, with flavorful meatballs. I generally dislike meatballs because they can be bland, but this I’d order! The restaurant’s atmosphere is warm, friendly, and inviting, perfect for a family lunch or dinner. And, the perfect place to bring my favorite four-year-old date.

Bethany: I’m dying to know what’s in the sauce! The pizza sauce at The Thick Slice Pizza isn’t your typical tangy marinara, it’s a subtly smoky red sauce that worked really well on all the pizzas I sampled. My favorite was the Mexicali, which has chorizo, cilantro and jalapeno. I plan to take my family there soon, and I think the Romana will be the best with linguica, artichoke hearts, olives, and garlic.

Bethany loved those Jalapeños!
Bethany loved those Jalapeños on the Mexicali!

The prices are really reasonable, and I still can’t get over the $8 pitchers of beer! That’s a great price for a pitcher and their beer selection is good (Shock Top, Lagunitas, Stella Artois, and of course the standard Bud or Coors). Even though I’ve been in the Dayton/Carson area for almost a decade, I still feel like a newbie sometimes. I love that this place is such a longtime Carson establishment that I, as a newcomer, can partake in. I feel like my residency is a bit more solid now that I can talk about The Thick Slice with those who remember Nick’s Pizza.

Jessica: I love the community feeling at Thick Slice, and how proud Aris is of his family’s tradition in Carson City. As for the food, I usually eat pizza like I’m a child–pepperoni only! So if I can enjoy a pizza with a bunch of unusual toppings, that’s a big deal. I’m with Bethany–that Mexicali is amazing, and the Meat Lovers was delicious, with excellent-quality meats.

I also gave the gyro sandwich a try, and it was fantastic–the meat was seasoned really nicely, and I loved the tzatziki sauce. All toasted together on a yummy sourdough roll. Mmmm, I’ll definitely go back to sample the other menu items. The problem with the thick crust is how full I got so quickly!

Shelle, Bethany and Jessica of the Reno Moms Blog at Thick Slice as we compare notes on our favorite slices.
Shelle, Bethany and Jessica of the Reno Moms Blog at Thick Slice as we compare notes on our favorite slices.

Shelle: The ladies are right, Thick Slice pizza is amazing, and they even have gluten-free options. I think the next time we go I will order a slice of the spinach pizza with feta, garlic and fresh tomato, maybe paired with their Greek Salad. And, I wouldn’t have to share because my husband could have the Meaty Slice, a Pastrami sandwich or possibly some of those wings. Am I the only one that plans out what I’ll be ordering next before I even go back to a restaurant?

Aside from the food, what I loved the most about Thick Slice was the atmosphere. They really focused on making the restaurant welcoming to families. It is the perfect, casual place to take the kids, the grandparents, the neighbors and your friends for an afternoon lunch of watching the game, dinner after soccer or to celebrate a great report card. I can easily see Thick Slice becoming a tradition and families saying, “Pizza? Let’s go to Thick Slice.”

Thick Slice Pizza is at 2010 E. William St., in Carson City.


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