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Are you Centering?

saint marys pregnancy centeringPregnancy is a special time for women and couples and there are many unique approaches to ensuring you receive the best education before baby arrives. An enhanced model of prenatal care known as Centering Pregnancy allows women to receive prenatal care in groups of eight to 12 mothers, including their partners. Centering is a model of group healthcare that offers a supportive and collaborative environment for women to share pregnancy experiences while meeting with a healthcare provider. Certified nurse midwives are an especially important component to Centering, as they focus on what is most important to each woman’s unique situation and lead Centering meetings accordingly.

Three primary components of care are included in each group meeting: health assessment, education and support. Centering brings women together who are at the same stage of pregnancy, which allows them to share experiences and offer support to one another. The Centering Pregnancy model includes private health evaluations with a care provider allowing for the one-on-one care of a traditional prenatal visit. It also includes guided discussion and education on specific topics such as nutrition, preparing for labor and delivery, contraception, breastfeeding, parenting and newborn care as well as the physical changes women go through during pregnancy. Real life experiences and collaboration are combined with the medical care of pregnancy.

Because a healthcare provider is there for one-on-one assessments and for leading group discussion, individuals receive quality time with the provider. Traditional prenatal visits do not typically allow for in-depth discussions and education like Centering does. Other benefits of Centering include friendship of other pregnant women, access to educational opportunities, encouragement from group involvement and convenience of scheduling prenatal appointments.

Saint Mary’s Women’s Health Center offers Centering Pregnancy, which is covered by most insurance plans. Meetings are led by their team of certified nurse midwives who provide care for a range of services spanning a women’s life. For more information about Centering Pregnancy, visit centeringhealthcare.org or Saintmarysmedicalgroup.com.


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Traci Gamet: opyright - Jeramie Lu Photography | www.JeramieLu.com | available for travel worldwide Traci Gamet, CNM is a native of northern Nevada who received nursing degrees from Western Nevada College and the University of Nevada. She completed the midwifery graduate program at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, N.Y. Additionally, she is an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who enjoys helping promote success and normalcy of breastfeeding. Traci’s passion for midwifery lies in her desire to optimize healthcare for women and families. She believes that all women deserve the care of a midwife during all or some portion of their life. Her specific interests are in normalizing birth, adolescent care and LGBT health. She is a member of The American College of Nurse Midwives.



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