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5 Signs that your Child Might be Struggling in School

Parenting is tough – and it’s one of those jobs that you never know if you’re succeeding – certainly some days you feel like a rock star, and then, there are the days when you are absolutely positive that your child will end up in jail 10 years down the road. It’s amazing how the pendulum swings, no?

But, I think more than anything, parents want to do right by their children. We have this strong desire to support them, love them, give them the things that we didn’t have. And with this comes the scary task of recognizing when we might need to give them more.

I have this sister – and she’s this amazingly patient, smart, intelligent, and wonderful teacher of a mother (talk about hard to live up to). To make matters better (worse?) her children surpass all expectations with reading, writing, and, well, you name it, they probably do it very well. Let’s just say the comparison with her two girls to my own two children gives me a complex.

I had to learn quickly that comparing mine to hers was just not a healthy vocation – but it didn’t stop me from researching the milestones. And in all honesty, I think it’s important that we track our children to make sure they are achieving the milestones (in some fashion) – because if they aren’t, early intervention can be the best option.

For this post, I’m talking specifically tutoring, and how to recognize that your child might benefit from extracurricular academic attention, and how noticing a problem, doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be with them.

Sign #1: Grades (the easiest, and most obvious). If you’re little is old enough to receive a report card, you’ll notice teacher comments, slipping grades, and notations on homework.

Sign #2: Declining Enthusiasm. If your child was at one point in time enthusiastic about school and you’ve noticed a decrease in their enthusiasm, it might be that they are struggling with concepts taught in class, and searching to avoid the confusion. This sign is a little harder because a lack of enthusiasm can be so much more than educational difficulty.

Sign #3: Fights. Is it (more) difficult to get your children to do their homework? I get it, kids hate doing homework – but you should notice a significant increase in your child’s disdain for homework each night.

Sign #4: Time taken for homework. Are they spending much more time than usual on their homework (especially if their homework amount hasn’t increased?).

Sign #5: Low self-esteem. Are they being harder on themselves? Saying mean things about themselves, and being generally down, or low?

It’s a scary time that you, as a parent, have to acknowledge that your child might be struggling. But there are many solutions to start addressing the difficulty. One, of course, is tutoring. Reno is now home to a new tutoring center, Best in Class Education Center.

Best in Class Education Center’s mission is to “help students develop the skills and knowledge they need for a bright future. Best in Class students benefit from individual attention, active instruction in small groups, and engaging course material aligned with common standards.” Their program encompasses grades K-12, and they offer a free assessment of your little in order to get started. If you think tutoring might be a good solution for your child, check them out here.

Priya Mani, the manager of Best in Class in Reno, came to open this location because, “it would allow us to help and improve the academics of our local students. We want to make it easy for our families to join our program. We have affordable tuition rates and we do not have long term contracts. Our greatest reward is to hear that our students are doing well in academics and to see their grades improve.”





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