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Tattoos, Taboo or Tribute?

Lindsey's "Scales of Justice" tattoo
Lindsey’s “Scales of Justice” tattoo

My tattoo started as a joke – I was your typical A-type personality, someone who scorned tattoos, and honestly never thought I would get one. We were tossing around the question of, “Which tattoo would you get [if you had to]” and my response was, “Ha, I’d probably get the scales of justice…”

At the time, it was a complete joke. I never thought I would get “ink”. I was a responsible adult. I was clean cut, focused, detailed. But – that stigma (thankfully) is disappearing. And I’ll be the first to admit that once I overcame my judgment of what it meant to have a tattoo, I came on board more quickly than I thought possible.

So yes, my first (and only – for now) tattoo is the scales of justice. I get asked (a lot) if I’m a Libra (no), if I’m a lawyer (no), and why I got the tattoo. Usually, my response is “I like justice…?” – but I’ve been working on my thirty second elevator pitch.

I am a firm believer in fairness – not just justice, but fairness. And it’s a proactive fairness. I got my tattoo to remind me that justice doesn’t come if those who seek it are silent.

But – there are times that a tattoo might be a mistake. So I’m here to introduce you to a newer company in town (and a contest to boot).

Reno Tattoo Removal is a company dedicated to providing a comfortable place where everyone could feel welcome, and comfortable in your own skin – whether that means with tattoos, or without tattoos, you will feel no judgment. While I’ve personally never needed to remove my tattoo, there’s some true dedication behind the owners of Reno Tattoo Removal.

reno tattoo removalMelanie, co-owner of Reno Tattoo Removal, purposely has gotten a tattoo to have it removed – what better way to understand what your customers go through?

Melanie and her husband “live, eat, breathe, and talk about this late at night till our eyes close. It’s truly our passion, and there’s so much involved. It’s not just turning on a laser. It’s understanding people’s skin, and everybody’s so different in the way they react. It’s [related to] their immune system, their complexion, their heritage, their background. Everything plays a huge role. … It’s a big deal for us, having three kids and making this work. Our kids call it “hat-too removal.” Our 6-year-old told us to get a big microphone and put it on the roof, and say, “Hey, everybody, we do hat-too removal here! If you don’t have a hat-too, go get one, and come and see us!”

Now, onward to details for our contest. Melanie is sponsoring a great giveaway – one random winner will receive 3 treatments (each valued at $200) to start their journey to tattoo removal. How do you enter? Submit a picture of your favorite tattoo, or your least favorite tattoo on the comments on our Facebook page. This contest will be open for one-week, and the winner will be selected randomly.

Have questions about getting your tattoo removed? Post a comment on this blog or on Facebook and Melanie will answer your questions.


About Lindsey Sanford

Lindsey Sanford
I’m an ultimate Frisbee loving, marketing exec who loves Reno a little too much. I knit, I read, I write, and I love long walks on the beach. I’m trying out this new “standing-desk” thing – and finding that it’s not quite so bad. I’m a recent mom of two, my little one was born on September 21st, and I still can’t sleep. Above all else, I believe in being honest with our struggles, to paint a more accurate picture of what motherhood means – leading to a supportive community of fellow swimmers.

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