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Girls Night Out at Laughing Planet

Have you been wanting to check Laughing Planet out or have you been craving a favorite? Try going Tuesday, May 19th where 15% of all sales go to a local school and non-profit!
Have you been wanting to check Laughing Planet out or have you been craving a favorite? Consider going Tuesday, May 19th where 15% of all sales go to a local school and non-profit!

The Reno Moms Blog girls were thrilled to receive an invitation to check out Laughing Planet. Located at 650 Tahoe Street in the Midtown District, Reno’s location is owned and managed by Tim Healion. Locals and UNR graduates might remember Tim from the Deux Gros Nez café or the Tour de Nez bicycle race. We had a blast visiting with Tim and checking out the tasty offerings from the menu including burritos, bowls, salads, soups, and smoothies. While we ate and visited, Tim shared some of the awesome – off the menu – assets Laughing Planet possesses. For example, they give their employees (female AND male!) three months family leave. How amazing is that?! Plus, they give back to the community including awesome fundraisers for local schools and non-profits, like this one which enables Mount Rose Elementary students to participate in Sierra Nevada Journeys outdoor science education.

Using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, Laughing Planet is a delicious place to grab some (Tasty! Healthy! Inexpensive! Fast!) grub and the ambiance is fun and 100% kid friendly. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what our tasters had to say:

Meagan Sabich “I love Laughing Planet. It’s a regular stop for my family and me. Healthy and local food is important to me, and that is exactly what you get at Laughing Planet. As a mom with two kids, I am always looking for healthy, affordable, and kid friendly restaurants. Laughing Planet checks all of these boxes. When my family and I are looking to dine out, Laughing Planet is typically first to mind. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer, great food, and good kid friendly ambiance. Laughing Planet is a great addition to Reno. Their Thai bowl and Bollywood bowl will definitely keep me coming back.”

Jessica Locke “This was my first time at Laughing Planet…in fact, I honestly hadn’t ever heard of it before (clearly I don’t get out enough)! I loved it! I enjoyed the atmosphere, the quick & healthy food, and the child-friendliness of the place. In fact, I took my family to lunch there a few days later! My kids ordered a mini burrito (beans & cheese)…and they ATE it! They won’t touch beans at home, but they loved their little burritos. Their smoothie was SO delicious. Cost-wise it was very affordable, as well, which is important when you have 6 people in your family. We’ll definitely go back again!”

Lauren Bradfield “I thoroughly enjoyed Laughing Planet. The food all has a story, and that is important to me. As a culture, I believe we need to move towards conscious eating and away from the conventional feedlot/farm attitude that has taken over American cuisine in the past century. Laughing Planet strives and succeeds in doing just that. Local food, locally sourced, with a story, all inspiring to make Reno’s food culture a stronger place. I loved the Bowl-less Chicken burrito and couldn’t help but smile at the dinosaur table centerpieces. Definitely a family-friendly place perfect for a causal lunch or dinner.”

Tracie Barnthouse “As a vegetarian, I’m a big fan of Laughing Planet. It’s not often I can find a place that suits my entire family’s tastebuds, and I find it there. I hardly ever deviate from my usual Thai Bowl, but branched out and went with the veggie chili, and I have to admit: it’s better than my world-famous, award-winning homemade version. I can’t wait for my next visit, kids in tow!”

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Jessica Groach Santina “I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Laughing Planet, for several reasons. First, the huge menu has a ton of things to choose from, so I can find anything to eat for whatever mood I’m in–Mexican, Indian, Thai, Tex-Mex, and more. I ordered the Thai bowl after several folks in the group had mentioned it was their favorite, and it did not disappoint. I’m afraid that sometimes restaurants billed as “healthy” aren’t always “flavorful,” but this definitely was. The healthiness was just a plus. The Thai bowl had amazingly rich flavor with lots of spice and a bit of heat. I loved it. But I also loved how owner Tim Healion sat with us and shared his insights about the menu items, and brought me a gluten-free cookie (a soft, rich, delicious one, I might add!) when he overheard me saying I had a gluten sensitivity. I loved the assortment of beverage offerings by local brewers, including Common Cider’s blood orange cider, which was outstanding and perfectly balanced out the spice in my meal. The prices are fantastic, especially for families on a budget who think that eating healthy means paying a lot. And I love the family-friendly, casual, inviting atmosphere that made me feel I could sit and linger there all evening. It’s a relaxing place, perfect for lunch but also really nice for unwinding after work. I will definitely be back soon!”

Jennifer Woodbury Duval “I like that Laughing Planet has quick, healthy, and affordable choices. Plus, it’s delicious! I like that you can order any burrito as a bowl and highly recommend the grilled chicken. The lemonade is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m definitely going back soon!”

Shelle Murach “One of the best things about Laughing Planet is that it is not only family friendly, it is family welcoming. Need lunch after soccer, a snack after ballet or simply an easy place to meet with a large group of kids and adults, this is the perfect location. With choices for a wide variety of palettes (and possibly for those picky eaters) from a simple quesadilla to a Paleo Bowl for the CrossFitters, plus there are plenty of vegetarian options as a great choice for the carnivores. Laughing Planet has something for everyone. And really, who can go wrong with one of their famous burritos, some chips and salsa and a cold beer on one of their patios?”

Bethany Drysdale “So many restaurants have just a few healthy items to choose from. Not Laughing Planet – the whole menu is good, REAL food! You can be confident that anything you pick will be healthy and responsible sourced. I had the week’s special, which was a pulled pork bowl with a peach barbecue sauce. I swapped out the rice for kale, and it was so good! This is a place I would take my kids any night of the week because the atmosphere is fun and they’ll never know they’re eating ‘mommy’s crazy health food.’ They have a great selection of local beers too (for mom and dad). The prices are great – this could truly be a regular dinner destination and not break the bank. If you value responsible, local, good-for-you food, check it out.”

Betsy McDonald Betsy couldn’t make it to our night out, but had to add… “I go ALLLLL the time. It’s amazing. Quick, healthy and local. You can’t ask for more! And the cookies are amazing!”


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Fayth Ross
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