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Because ONE.

IMG_2388A year ago we knew we loved you, we had loved you for so long already… We had waited for you and worried about you. You were tiny, body snuggled closely at all times. You slipped easily in changing us from 3 to 4. Finally, we could hold you and your brother adored you more than I could have imagined. You were different even then, less easy going and more determined than your brother. My stink-bug. Farting and breastfeeding… Trying not to sleep.

My little Avocado, still so small, but mighty.

My 2nd son. I promise you I will do my best not to let comparisons rule your life, I admit I’ve spent a lot of moments this year comparing, and you’ve made me wait and watch and listen. I hear you. You are you. My ONE.

You are my boy who liked crawling, loves crayons, adores eating; my persistent son who refuses to be deterred, my expressive boy who has babbled constantly, and is already asking about the world. I love watching you climb, insisting you be allowed to do everything all by yourself. Though your distaste for being fed has been a challenge, I love watching you figure out how to eat new things and I love that you give every food a second chance. I love that you dance, and I love watching you drive cars across the floor. It’s funny to watch you “share” with your brother and wonderful to see you already playing together. I love the way you both light up when you see each other every morning, smiles an11140111_10100286172624799_7594784921540449799_nd snuggles, and so many “group hugs.”

You have taught me a lot about what it means to be needed. So many nights when only I would do, so many moments with your arms locked around my neck, and so many games of peek-a-boo. This moment is only a moment and I’m glad to share it with you. I promise I will always hold you when you need it, I will always wipe away those salty tears. I promise to teach you everything I can, to swim and climb and get muddy with you, and to make sure you have as many choices as your brother.

One is a precipice. Babyhood slipping steadily away, with toddlerhood and all sorts of amazing yet to go. This is what it’s all about.



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Jamie Schnell
Jamie Schnell is an RN and full-time mommy to three boys. Her husband, Adam, keeps track of all the stuff that she can never remember where she had it last, and she loves his geeky-wonderfulness. He is definitely the best daddy. Jamie has a BA in English to accompany her BS in Nursing, and recently completed her Master's in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner track. Jamie loves reading, writing, crafting anything and everything, green beans, having little parties to celebrate life, coffee, camping, cooking, spa days, Cheetoes, naps, and just being outside.

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