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Mother’s Day Traditions with Local Author Lynda Bailey (GIVEAWAY Included)

Planting-in-soil1Okay…traditions… Now I must admit that my family’s not really into traditional traditions. Neither my husband nor myself were raised with a lot of time-honored customs in our respective households. Yes, there was turkey on Thanksgiving; a plate of milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve; fireworks on the Fourth of July…but that was pretty much it. As a consequence, when we had our son, Will, we didn’t have all that many traditions to pass onto him. We had to come up with our own.

Traditional Thanksgiving Day…pizza! The annual New Year Eve…nacho party. And my favorite – the Mother’s Day mimosa and dig-in-the-dirt event.

The ritual of leaving me to plant flowers, doing weeding, etc started when Will was just a toddler. My loving hubby asked me several weeks prior to the 2nd Sunday in May what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Instead of chocolates or him cooking breakfast (which he does all the time because he’s FABulous in the kitchen) I said I wanted to play in the dirt—alone, without a smaller set of hands “helping” me. It would be Hubby’s job to take of Will all day. Leaving me to the peace and quiet of getting my fingernails filthy with mud.

It’s a practice that stands today even though Will is soon to be twenty-six and lives in another state. Sadly this year, I lost all my planted flower seed to the sub-freezing temps because Mother Nature played the trickster with the unseasonable warm March weather. Never fear, though…there’s plenty of spring planting time left. <smile>

So what tradition(s) do you honor on Mother’s Day? Do you enjoy breakfast in bed or do you prefer to go out to brunch with the family? Do you take part in what will be the 15th annual Moms on the Run to show support for local women fighting breast cancer? Do you take pleasure in going on a long hike with your girlfriends? Or would you rather stay at home, drink champagne mixed with orange juice while sowing the seeds of beautiful plants and flowers? Leave a comment for the chance to win a digital copy of any one of my titles. And don’t forget to join my mailing list (www.lyndabailey.net) to stay appraised of future releases and giveaways.  The winner will be randomly selected on Saturday, May 9.

xmas unwrappedNow, I have a Mother’s Day gift for y’all: My holiday erotic short story, Xmas Unwrapped, is FREE on all major digital outlet. It’s a story about a devoted mom…who used to be a devoted wife, supporting her husband through law school. But that was before he filed for divorce. Now she wants to concentrate on her boys and move on with her life. And the chance encounter with a deliciously handsome man might be the perfect first step…

(Please note that Xmas Unwrapped is a short story and contains graphic love scenes. Read at your peril and pleasure… <wink>) Here are the links:




Google Play


Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!


lynda baileyLynda Bailey has always loved stories. Especially love stories. Growing up in the Midwest, she’d make up stories to her favorite TV shows – usually westerns.

As she got older, the stories didn’t relent. In fact, they only got stronger, the characters more insistent, until she had no choice but to put it all on paper. It’s become an obsession for her. One that she loves.

When not sitting at her computer, Lynda spends her time working as a substitute teacher and fitness instructor in the Reno area. Guess you could say she’s an equal opportunity “persuader” of the young and, ahem, not so young.


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  1. Megan Fikes

    We usually do breakfast and mimosas and then I get to read, by myself, for as long as I want! And nap…I love a good mother’s day nap!