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Kindermusik Class Giveaway!


Ten months ago, I got the opportunity to start up a Kindermusik kids music & movement program at a local music store right by my house.  It was (and still is) a total dream job.  Not only did I get to continue to be a stay at home mom, but I got to combine three of my loves: the early childhood years, teaching, and music.  It has been such a fun experience.

I love watching children fall in love with music with their parents right by their side.  I love watching the toddlers who’ve been around for a while “teach” the newer children.  I love watching them explore and find new ways to make music or move their bodies.  I love the stories I hear from parents when their kids sing their favorite songs or do their favorite dance movements at home.  I just LOVE it all.


Music is a wonderful gift for any young child.  Psychologists, neuroscientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more for children than bring them joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence.  Kindermusik classes are based on this research.

I believe everyone should be able to experience music.  Today we’re giving away a FREE month of Kindermusik classes to one lucky family so they can have this experience with their children.  To be entered into the contest, please leave a comment with the class you’d like to attend with your little one(s)!  Our spring/summer prize class options are as follows:

1. Sing & Play/Wiggle & Grow (18month-3years): Every Saturday at 9:00 AM

2. Sing & Play (0-2’s): Every Saturday at 10:00 AM

3. Sing & Play (0-2’s): Mondays at 11:30, June 8-29

4. Cuddle & Bounce (0-1): Tuesdays at 9:15, July 7-28

5. Wiggle & Grow (2-3’s): Tuesdays at 10:00, July 7-28

6. Playdates (2-5’s): 

Wednesday, May 13th at 10:00 (Beach/Backyard Theme)

Monday, June 15th at 10:30 (Garden Theme)

Friday, July 3rd at 10:30 (4th of July Theme)

Wednesday, August 12th at 11:00 (Barnyard/Farm Theme)

*Winners with preschool aged children who chose the Playdate option will win 3 Playdates of their choosing.  Playdate participants leave with an instrument and music download card.

All classes are held at Muzic Fuze on Longley Lane.  Comment below with the class you’d like to attend if you win!  The winner will be randomly selected from the comments on this post after 5pm on Friday, April 24.  Good luck!




About Jessica Locke

Jessica Locke
Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to four kiddos, two pups, and five chickens. She enjoys mixed martial arts, Spartan races, and teaching/coaching fitness, self defense, and martial arts. She currently writes at motheringwithcreativity.com for all things mom-ing and homeschooling, and at Debt Free, Reno, NV on FB and IG for all things money-matters.


  1. My son is four and loves music. He enjoys the drums, harmonica and guitar. It would be a dream come true for him to win three musical playdates!!

  2. Lindsey Sanford

    Taylor loves music! I would love to participate!

  3. My daughter is almost 10 months old and she loves music, she is constantly dancing to any music she hears and drumming on anything that resonates. She also has been trying to play Daddy’s guitar lately. I bet she would love going to a sing & play class. The Monday one would work best for us.

  4. I grew up with music and played saxophone and the flute until I went to university. My 3 y old is very interested in music as well and we are actually looking into finding him classes so this would be awesome!!! It would be a great inspiration to make me start playing again

  5. I forgot to mention the class: Noah would love the play date class!

  6. My daughter would love the play dates! She loves to dance to all kinds of music. Her favorite artist is Willie Nelson!!:)

  7. My daughter is an ex micro-premie and loooveeesss music!! She was born at 24 weeks and she is now 4. God has blessed me with her and her sister who is a 29 weeker. She knows how to play Happy Birthday, Do-Re-Mi at the age of 3. She loves to sing too. She knows the songs from the Disney Princesses Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. She loves the kazoo, drums and xylophone.

  8. My niece lives for music she sings and dances all the time and would love this it would be a wonderful treat for her.

  9. My son is 2 and I think he would enjoy the sing and play/wiggle and grow class. Sounds like fun!

  10. My Daughter is 2.5 and loves singing and playing instruments, the wiggle and grow class would be great to win!

  11. How fun! We will have to look into this! My almost 2 year old would LOVE this! I think the Saturday 9:00 sounds great. We would love to try this out.

  12. My son Jaxon would love sing and play wiggle and grow on Saturday mornings!!! This sounds so awesome!!!

  13. My daughter, Lyric, loves music! She’s 16 mos old. Every time she hears something she likes, she starts groovin’. We’d love to come to the Sing and Play Saturday morning at 10 am class!

  14. My 5 month old loves to kick her legs and stamp her feet to music – she would love the Sing and Play Saturday class.