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A Night on the Town: Reno Provisions

A few weeks ago, the Reno Moms Blog Contributors gathered for a girls’ night out at a new establishment in downtown Reno, Reno Provisions.  This restaurant is the third opened by Reno’s own celebrity chef, Mark Estee, along with Heritage and Campo. It has a bakery and a butcher shop, which provide food to all of his restaurants as well as many other local restaurants.  We asked the ladies about their experience, and they practically gushed, each loving something unique about this multi-faceted restaurant and market.  Check out their reactions for yourself!

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Shelle Murach Reno Moms Blog ContributorFullSizeRenderShelle: Reno Provisions has distilled the best parts of Mark Estee’s restaurants into one location, with an unwavering focus on simple and easy, perfect for busy families. Are you thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a bowl of pasta and some great sauce while in my pjs watching Scandal after the kids are in bed? You are covered with a selection of house made favorites available in the cooler. Looking for a fancy dessert to take with you to the next dinner party or book club meeting? Come in for a selection of pastries, cookies or one of the amazing cakes, all just waiting to be boxed up for you. Just want a drink and a bite before going to the movies? Choose from a selection of salads, soups, sandwiches and hot entrees, then grab a drink from the bar. Ready to learn more about the local food culture or improve your cooking skills? They’ve got you covered with a fully functioning kitchen classroom. The shelves are stocked with a variety of locally sourced items from the Reno Provisions kitchens and great locally owned farms and ranches from cheeses and meats, to fresh baked breads and amazing pickles and olives. This Downtown Reno gem is redefining fast food with fresh, gourmet choices that not only work for the whole family, but also work for any occasion.

Meagan Sabich Reno Moms Blog ContributorIMG_6026Meagan: I loved Reno Provisions. I loved it so much I brought my family back for lunch the next day. I love the urban/ industrial decor and the almost old timey feel you get when you look around. The staff is incredibly friendly and so helpful. The food at Reno Provisions was delicious. Everything is so fresh and simple in the best of ways. Reno Provisions epitomizes the farm to fork philosophy in so many ways. Sourcing local, sustainably and humanely raised meats is incredibly important to me and Reno Provisions does not fall short here. Another thing I really enjoyed was the offerings at Reno Provisions go beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner. As an avid home cook I was so excited about the market. I love the idea of sitting down for a casual cafeteria style lunch and then shopping around for some fresh pasta, house made sausages, bread, and perhaps a little dessert to go. I ate at Reno Provisions on Friday and Saturday and bought items to cook at home both days. There is something about this place that inspires me. I leave there and I want to go home and cook. Seriously. I even busted out my pasta maker this weekend and hand kneaded dough, because my kitchenaid motor went out. There is just something about this place that makes me want to be even more connected to food (I didn’t even know that was possible).I was completely impressed with Reno Provisions, and I am so excited to have a place like this in our community. It is truly a gem.

jennifer duvalIMG_7999Jenn D: Reno Provisions is a nice addition to downtown Reno. The market-cafe-retail-cooking demo area on the building’s first floor has a look and feel that doesn’t existanywhere else in Reno making it especially unique for our area. In the basement, there is a butcher shop, and bake shop that provides meat and baked goods to other area establishments, which also helps make Reno Provisions one of its kind. They have a simple and fresh catering menu that is definitely worth checking out or you can host your event or business meeting at the establishment – they have a great, quaint meeting/event space complete with docking station and TV if you need it!


Reno-Moms-Blog-Contributor-Tracie-Barnthouseimage3Tracie: I was so impressed with Reno Provisions. Everything was well thought out, with an obvious nod to keeping things local, fresh, and in season. What I enjoyed the most was seeing all of the touches that make it family friendly: kids menu items that even my pickiest would like; different flavors of fresh cookie dough available in the cold case; plenty of seating; the opportunity to teach young ones about where their food comes from (fresh eggs from local farms available, etc.) are all a natural fit in the Reno Provisions business model. I’ll definitely be back, kiddos in tow!


jessica-santinaIMG_0304Jessica S.: I‘m really impressed with the premise of Reno Provisions. It’s the place that is usually only found in New York or major European cities, where you stop on your way home from work; grab some meats, cheeses, and fresh bread, maybe a salad or soup; and have fresh, delicious food prepared that day for your lunch or dinner. It feels like Dean and DeLuca or Zabar’s, that kind of thing. When I first moved to Reno from back east, I wondered why, in a city this beautiful, there weren’t more places like this that encouraged strolling and commuting by foot. Now we have one, and I will fully take advantage. As for the food, my favorite thing was the meats, butchered in an immaculate butcher shop downstairs by a butcher with obvious passion, and the meats were bursting with flavor and utterly unique. That hand-crafted salami was extraordinary. Next time I plan a party, I am stocking up at Reno Provisions!


Fresh made pasta and sauces in the market.
Fresh made pasta and sauces in the market.

Jamie: I was also incredibly impressed with Reno Provisions. I can’t wait to take my family there for lunch! I love how Mark Estée is so dedicated to providing locally sourced food in our community. The cooking classes sound fantastic as well. It would be a fantastic date night! I also love that most everything we tried was available for purchase. I was able to bring the homemade (amazing) pasta to my family for a delicious dinner the next night!



bethany-drysdale-thumbBethany: I have just started paying more attention to gluten, diary, etc., in my food, and I’m always a little nervous to ask about those things at restaurants. So I really appreciate Reno Provisions’ attitude toward special diets. It’s a place you can go in with questions and be confident in the answers. I also really appreciate the focus on locally sourced food. Oh, and the food is amazing! “Cafeteria style” doesn’t do it justice. I’ve been to Reno Provisions a couple of times and always enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere. I can enjoy a glass of wine and settle in for a while.


Fayth:  I lovFayth_Facebooked the ambiance; the high ceilings, the successfulIMG_7992 mesh of feeling both very 20s and very metro, and the offerings. I’m a mom who more days out of the week than not stops by somewhere on my way home to grab dinner. I now will be including Reno Provisions in my stops for delicious and nutritious meals for the entire family. I also know where I’m headed next time I need a unique gift. Everything was so good and I loved the people there. I’m snacking on D’s Candied Pecans as I type this and gushing to my friends at work that they simply *have* to visit Reno Provisions. I’m anxious to try their cafeteria lunches and know that every visit will also include things to take home. What a great addition to Reno; I can’t wait to take my out of town guests there – I know it will help in my “you’ve gotta move to Reno” campaign!


Jessica L: I LOJessicaLockeVED seeing inside the butcher shop. I’ve Olive baralways dreamed of being inside one like that. It was quite the experience! But the butcher himself was the most amazing part of that. He was friendly, knowledegable, and made the best candied pecans I’ve ever had in my life. I love how invested he is in knowing his farmers, helping his customers, and not *just* being a butcher, but really investing in the items he makes. The pastry chef, too, was incredible. So friendly, and I love that he comes from a family of pastry chefs. His deserts were fabulous! I really enjoyed the local and not-mass-produced feel of the place. Every item sold was fresh or local or unique in some way. I definitely want to take my family there for lunch.


lindsey photoimage5Lindsey: Reno Provisions was the perfect excuse for a date night (and one that you can do without babysitters). My first thought as I came downtown was how long it had been since I had been downtown, midtown, or just out on a date in general (my son is 6 months old).  The best part about provisions? Everything you see, you can take home with you to make yourself. And, for someone who isn’t entirely culinary inclined, it is easy enough to recreate. But more than anything, this place made me happy to see that Reno is on the rise. I love seeing local food and businesses recreate something – and turning our downtown into an area to be proud of. I can’t wait to see what comes next.



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