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Homeschooling Resources, Classes, and More in Reno

A HUGE thanks to the homeschooling mommas who promptly helped me identify all of the many great activities/co-ops/etc.!  


I’ve written before about why I love homeschooling.  Homeschooling is 2015 is nothing like when we were children.  Gone are the days of the socially awkward stigma attached to the very few homeschoolers in our city.  Homeschooling is a nation-wide growing trend due to many different reasons.  As of 2012, the amount of homeschooled children vs. children attending charter schools was about equal (1.77 million children).

Needless to say, there are now TONS of homeschoolers.  Our Reno community is full of great people, resources, classes, and co-ops for homeschooling families to join.  I actually find that I can very easily get too overbooked now that we are homeschooling.  If you’re looking for resources in the Reno area, they are plentiful.  Plus, homeschoolers can still participate in sports at their zoned school!  Here are some of the activities, co ops, groups, classes, and resources in our area:

General Info/Legal Info on Homeschooling in NV:

Northern Nevada HomeschoolsFind all the legal documents, connect with other parents, and more with this great resource!  In order to homeschool in NV, you must submit a Notice of Intent by the time your child is 7, or within 30 days of unenrolling them from a public school.  Find more about these rules on their website.

Nevada Homeschool Network:  Find plenty of great resources, legal info, and more on this website.

HSLDA:  The Home School Legal Defense Association defends the constitutional right to homeschool.  They have great homeschooling info on their website, and you can also purchase a membership.  As a member, you receive many benefits, including free legal advice concerning homeschooling.


*Many co-ops also organize field trips on a regular basis.  Joining a co-op is a great way to meet friends, try new things, and explore the city!

EAGLE Co-Op: My children participated in this co op last semester and we loved it. As with all co-ops, all parents are expected to work together to make it run, so classes are very inexpensive (we paid $25 for a 1 hour ballet class once a week for 10 weeks).   It’s a wonderful place to try new things, meet other children, and meet other parents.  Classes often include subjects like: ballet, preschool, Spanish, Arts & Crafts, Wilderness Survival, Improv, Biology labs and more.

IMPACT Co-Op: IMPACT is another large co op in the area offering classes each week.  This semester’s classes included: musical theater, science, working with clay, sewing, and karate.

Cathedral Co-Op:  This co op meets twice a week with classes such as Latin, History, Science, Writing, and Math.

Kids LIFE Co-Op: Another great co op with classes that meet once a week including: Minecraft, P.E., Computer Programming, Cooking, and Arts & Crafts.

Community Christian Co-Op:  This co op is located near Costco and  meets once a week for their classes.


Urban Roots: Urban Roots is an AMAZING place!  My girls love it.  They offer “farm school” once a week (Tuesdays from 9-11AM) for homeschoolers.  They have chickens, a pig, and lots of things growing.  This is a great science based program with a great price ($50 for a 5 week session).

Galena Creek Visitors Center: Galena Creek has a monthly homeschool program.  Each 3rd Wednesday of the month they explore different hands-on outdoor topics from 10 AM- 12 PM.  It is for children ages 5-12, and only costs $5/child.

Reno Homeschool Choir:  The Reno Homeschool Choir just launched.  It meets on Mondays at 1:00 at Muzic Fuze, and have a performance at the end of each session.  Registration for the current session is totally full, but more sessions will be added.  The cost is $25 per month per child.

Freeman Karate: Freeman Karate is run by a homeschooling family, and they offer a Monday and Tuesday morning homeschool karate class.  I love that they offer a “family” plan for a very reasonable rate!

High Desert Archery: High Desert Archery is a newly launching archery range that will be offering homeschool classes starting on April 6th.

Speech & Debate:  If you have homeschoolers who are a bit older, there is a wonderful Speech & Debate team in the area.  The team is made up of all homeschoolers and competes against schools in our area (Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Fallon, Carson, Minden, Elko, and Spring Creek).

Classical Conversations:  For info about Classical Conversations-both what it is, and groups in our area, visit this main website.

Facebook Support Groups

High School Support FB Group

Northern Nevada Homeschools Group

Northern Nevada Homeschool Marketplace

Reno Homeschoolers-Adventure, discover, build, explode!

I’m sure there are MANY more Facebook groups, too, so look around!

Do you have questions about homeschooling or know of some other groups/classes/etc.?  Leave a comment and a homeschooling mom will most certainly respond!


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Jessica Locke
Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to four kiddos, two pups, and five chickens. She enjoys mixed martial arts, Spartan races, and teaching/coaching fitness, self defense, and martial arts. She currently writes at motheringwithcreativity.com for all things mom-ing and homeschooling, and at Debt Free, Reno, NV on FB and IG for all things money-matters.


  1. Lynette Higgins


    I have been thinking of homeschooling our two children (boy 7 girl 9) for over a year. I have no idea how to start. Can anyone please give me some tips on how they started or suggestions on what curriculum they use?


  2. Jessica Locke

    Hi Lynette-sorry, I just saw this comment. I highly suggest joining these groups and posting in them. Then lots of members can give you pointers for how they started. Everyone is different, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a like-minded mom that way, which will be helpful in finding curriculums to use. Good luck! -Jessica

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