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QVC, Bike Helmets and Adulthood

woman drinking wineToday is my 33rd birthday.

When I was a kid, 33 was never an age I imagined being. 16…18…25…30…those are ages one thinks about, not 33. For starters, it’s an odd number. Add to that the fact that I have a hard time remembering that I’m an adult in general, but now I’m a married adult with not one, but two teenagers in the house. I’m also building my own house together with my husband and we own a boat. Turns out I’ve become a full blown adult without even noticing. But then again, I am 33. I used to think that I would feel so old, so adult, when I hit 30. Definitely not. That being said though, I have noticed a few new habits that classify as “adultish” in my book, which are also making me realize that a) I’m becoming a wife b) I’m becoming more mom-ish and c) I really don’t mind getting old (aside from the gray hair and wrinkles).

I shopped on QVC for the first time.

When I asked my husband if he would judge me if I shopped on QVC he immediately replied, “Yes.” I did it anyway. When I told my mom, she literally said to me “Really?? You’ve NEVER shopped on QVC?!?”

And then I suddenly flashed back to my Grandma Jim’s old rotary phone that had the QVC sticker on it so she would never lose the number. Needless to say I got a lot of presents from QVC as a child.

I buy toilet paper and paper towels in bulk.

Like, all the time. We can’t ever have enough. Ever. And apparently I am the only one who is capable of changing the rolls.

I read articles like, “7 Reasons Your Wife is so Stressed Out All the Timeand think “Oh my gosh! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to explain this whole time! People judge me!!”

“Wifing Out” is a thing in our house.

It usually involves buying large quantities of personal hygiene or house cleaning products, snack foods and small gifts.

I have a sudden affinity for white wine. Lots and lots of white wine.

This is not to discount the GIANT stash of red wine we have hidden away from our wine club shipments so that it doesn’t fall victim to our friends’ and family members’ “Tuesday Night Wine” habit.

I talk about “balancing the kids’ diet.”

…like it is actually an achievable goal for teenagers who, in reality, we have zero control over.

Helmets. I cannot get enough of them.

My stepson skis, snowboards, skateboards and rides a bicycle constantly and I am always yelling at him to put on a helmet. I also lose my mind every time I see someone (usually a boy) riding a bike or skateboard (usually downhill) without wearing a helmet. It is also my new goal to make it a rule that anyone riding a bike or skateboard at UNR must wear a helmet.  Last week I saw countless students skateboarding (and even being towed by vehicles on skateboards!) without helmets and I wanted to ground them all.

The next time I renew my driver’s license I will be 40.

It’s true. I renewed my driver’s license a few weeks ago so that I would have my new one before the old one expired (that in and of itself is a very adult-y thing to do) and was informed that licenses are now given for eight-year terms. That means that I will be 40 by the time I have to renew again….going on 41. Ouch.


About Betsy McDonald

Betsy McDonald
Betsy McDonald is a soon-to-be wife and stepmother to two teenagers, ages 16 and 14, both of whom are taller than she. She spends her days doing PR, marketing and event planning, and her nights boxing, dancing and attempting a variety of unorthodox work outs that require a little more balance than she actually possesses. In the meantime, she spends plenty of time at Lake Tahoe and is working on perfecting the lacrosse mom persona, golfing, attempting SUP yoga, remodeling a home with her fiancé, planning her wedding, and maintaining the overall health, wealth and happiness of her newly found family. As a child growing up in Nebraska, Betsy’s dad would travel to Lake Tahoe to ski, bringing home pennant flags, T-shirts and a variety of other Reno-Tahoe-related paraphernalia. This prompted her to desire to find out just what “the Biggest Little City in the World” actually meant. By chance, she would end up here thanks to a job transfer to Gardnerville for her mom and the Millennium Scholarship. As a 14-year resident of the Biggest Little City, she’s proud to live and love in Reno. Betsy is an athlete, a writer and a cancer survivor – and hopefully an amazing stepmom. Stay tuned….


  1. “I wanted to ground them all.” Hilarious!

  2. Jenn

    I laughed when I read that you wanted to “ground them all” too. This is a very sweet post. I enjoyed reading it.

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