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Giveaway: Reno’s Answer to Fifty Shades of Grey

shattered trustFifty Shades of Grey is breaking box office records, but we know the true book lovers were left frustrated by the quality of the writing in the books.  We were thrilled to learn that Reno has our very own local author that writes steamy novels, but is talented at fully developing the characters and a narrative that will draw you in and won’t make you cringe like that of the more famous books.

We are giving away give one Lynda Bailey swag bag, including several “hot” romances (winner’s choice in either print or digital format) as well as a Lynda Bailey book bag, coffee cup and more. 

Read Lynda’s blog post below, and comment on this entry to get a chance to win! 

lynda baileyI want to thank Reno Moms Blog for inviting me to hang out with the RMB Community today! I super excited to *meet* everyone. <grin>

A bit about myself… I’m a transplanted flatlander from Iowa, having move to the beautiful Truckee Meadows in 1982, semi fresh out of college. From ’82-’88, I worked as a stagehand on Don Arden’s mega floor show, Hello Hollywood Hello. (This is also where I met my future husband, Pat.) Pat and I married in January of ’88 and I quit the show that summer. A year later, I gave birth to our son, Will. Since then, I’ve held a number of different jobs, including everything from church janitor to fitness instructor. Through it all, though, I remained a storyteller at heart.

You see, I’m pretty sure I was born a storyteller because I told my first *story* in kindergarten. A mom of one of the boys in class had a baby girl and my teacher, Mrs. Downing, absolutely fawned over Troy (said boy), giving him extra hugs and kisses and in general making a gaga fuss. To my five-year-old way of thinking, I was like…give me some of that attention! Sooo, the next day I came to school and shared that my mom was going to have a baby. Mrs. Downing was shocked (to say the least), but receptive to the news, though she wasn’t nearly as excited as she had been with Troy…bummer. Then the NEXT day I proudly stated that my mom had given birth to a baby boy. Smelling salts for Mrs. Downing!

Of course my mother hadn’t given birth to anything. And despite being thoroughly scolded for telling such an outrageous *story,* I wasn’t deterred from what would become a lifelong passion.

I LOVE TELLING STORIES. Especially romances. *sigh*

Growing up I’d conjure stories centered around my favorite TV shows, casting myself in the part of spunky heroine naturally. <giggle> No one ever died, except for the bad guy. Making up these *stories* was often how I fell asleep at night. But it wasn’t until years later, when our son was three, that I actually put one of my stories on paper.

It started with an episode of Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine (never published), segued to a western historical romance (titled Wildflower that was a 2010 finalist for the RWA Golden Heart® writing contest and currently available exclusively at Amazon.com), then to a horrid contemporary romance that has yet to see the light of day, to finally what I write now…contemporary erotic romance.

I’ve independently published a total of fifteen digital (nine print) titles—and counting. Since kindergarten, my obsession with telling *stories* hasn’t dimmed one iota. In fact, I think it’s gotten stronger. I’m currently working on a romantic suspense set in the fictitious town of Stardust, Nevada, that I hope to publish this summer.

My stories have VERY hot heat levels. I mean it’s called *erotic* for a reason, right? <wink> But please understand—I don’t write erotica. In my opinion, erotica is like to porn…great for the instantaneous release, but lacking in any true substance. I prefer to categorize my stories as porn…with a plot. <another wink>

So what’s your opinion of romance and/or erotic romance? Leave a comment to qualify for a swag package from me that includes several “hot” romances (winner’s choice in either print or digital format) as well as a Lynda Bailey book bag, coffee cup and more. (You can find a list of my titles on my website: www.lyndabailey.net.).  The winner will be selected by a random selection of comments on this post on Thursday, February 19 at 5pm.

Happy Reading!


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  1. As long as they are well written, why not?

  2. Megan Fikes

    I am a huge reader, devouring all sorts of genres! I’ve always liked a little romance in my books, but just in the last 5 years or so, I have been reading erotica romances quite often! Fifty shades was a little disappointing to me as the writing was not up to par with what I like, but I did read it. I am a big fan of J. R. Ward and other paranormal romances. My husband is a fan of me reading these books as well . Would love to win this giveaway! Great to know that there is a local author to check out!

  3. meaganmsabich

    Pick me, pick me 🙂 I love reading!

  4. Lindsey Sanford

    One of my favorite books is Outlander – something I would consider pretty hot and steamy. As long as it’s well written, has a plot other than just hot for the sake of being hot, I’m pretty satisfied 😀

    • Lindsey~
      I hate to admit, but I haven’t read Outlander – hanging my head in shame, here. And I totally agree with you about hot for the sake of hot and nothing else. Doesn’t make for a very good story, IMO. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am an avid bookworm and read all the time. And I do enjoy throwing in a few romances here and there… I love, love, love a happy ending and love a story with a great plot and strong characters. Especially when I can’t stop thinking of the characters and feel attached. And if a romance/erotic book happens to steam things up in my 15-year marriage, that’s not exactly a bad thing (wink!)

    • Great attitude, Fayth! (Romance adds spice to marriage, don’tcha think? 😉 ) I’m in complete agreement about happy endings AND feeling attached to the characters afterwards. When I’m sad a story’s over, yet happy with the resolution, that book goes on my *forever* list. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Love that you have been a story teller for so long! And, I love a good fiction and great romances. I think they give you a break from the everyday!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Shelle! 😉

  8. I want a great story to go with the romance.

  9. Jamie Schnell

    I love reading! even textbooks sometimes, but I love something fun that sucks me in!