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What Moms Really Find Sexy

Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry to the Hottest Dad In Reno competition!  We at Reno Moms Blog have really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading the sentiments that came along with the nominations.  Before we announce the winner, a tribute is due to all of these stellar Dads.

What really struck me as I read through the entries, was what Moms think is sexy is totally different than let’s say a childless woman in her early twenties would think.  There were definitely some eye candy submissions, but overall, from my totally unscientific observation of our over 60 entries, it seems that a man’s actions and his passion for his family is way sexier than any Magic Mike stripper.

One reader told us, “We hear so many stories of the “deadbeat dads” and it’s nice to see all the good guys out there!” and we couldn’t agree more.  Another reader said, “There is nothing sexier than a man who cares for his children and loves their mother unconditionally,” which is a predominant theme in all of the entries. 

So if you’re a man wondering truly — what do women want, and what will drive them absolutely crazy with passion and desire, this list is for you.

What is sexy to the moms in Reno is a man who:

  • Was a single guy with no kids that took on a woman with three kids and treating those children as his own.
  • Is a man that goes out of his way to express love and meet the needs of his family.
  • Makes his woman feel like she could never lose her sexy, even “covered in bodily fluids and wearing yoga pants, he LOVES the yoga pants!”
  • Shares the household responsibilities, including diapers, dishes and laundry.
  • Doesn’t need to be asked to change diapers and loves baby wearing.hot dad entry 9
  • Is an amazing provider that enables Mom to stay home with the kids.
  • Sacrifices by serving in the military or overseas.
  • Makes family his #1 priority.
  • Stays strong through infertility challenges.
  • Sports face painted hearts with his daughters.
  • Cooks, cleans and gets up in the middle of the night, letting me sleep through our older sons vomit-explosion.
  • A devoted stay at home Daddy that baby wears for hours so that the baby can get a proper nap.
  • Is  a hands-on dad and “I can always count on him to help around the house. I often come home from work with dinner already cooked, and the baby already bathed and fed.”
  • Is never too tired to play, never too busy to snuggle, answer questions, help with homework. hot dad entry 4
  • Has natural “dad” powers.
  • Is a best friend and the family’s rock.
  • Helps get the kids to soccer practices and games, changes diapers, takes the children on special outings for one on one time, enjoys wearing the baby, and so much more. It seems he can’t sit down in our home without a child or two instantly working their way into his lap.
  • Plays princess songs for our four year old in the car and wake up and make her French toast before school without being asked.
  • Lets his daughter put makeup on him and paint his nails
  • Doesn’t let “blood” determine a son or a daughterhot dad entry 19 jamie schnell
  • Is kind, loving, determined, ambitious. “He is a rugged man who likes to work in the yard or fix things in the house, but then will sit and watch any episode of Real Housewives with me because it makes me happy.”
  • Still tells me that I’m beautiful even in this post-baby body that I am less than thrilled with myself.

Of course some other categories seemed to pop up.

Eye candy:

You do have to admit that we are sexual creatures, and there are some things our readers find irresistible…  A man in baseball pants, shirtless abs with a six pack, and firefighters — oh, my!

Most touching:

A few of the entries yanked on our heart strings, like this one:  “A little over a year has passed since my mom passed away and when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer it was my husband who was first to get to the hospital in San Diego where we lived at the time and it was my husband that said he would take a leave of absence (a volunteer layoff) from work to stay at home with me and help take care of my mom and kids with me. I wasn’t working which meant we had to live off of unemployment and food stamps but we did what we could to have my mom (a single mother who raised me, an only child by herself my whole life), in our home with us until she passed away. Twenty-four hours a day we took care of my mom along with Hospice and my husband was by my side helping me and helping to care for the kids the entire time and especially when I was lost after she passed away. He took a job here in Reno to get us back home where we both grew up and his family is.”


And then there were the quotes that had us laughing out loud.

“I guess watching a baby being born is a pretty nasty miracle cause the look on his face told me he wondered if I’d ever walk again.”

And this one…

“Though perhaps unconventional, and while I’m not married to either of them, I would be remiss were I not to enter the two hottest (or should I say, coolest) men in my life. As a single mom of a 13-year-old and a nearly one-year-old, life’s not always a bowl of cherries, but these two always make it sweeter. After a full day of work, followed by homework, dinner, baths, stories and never ending bedtimes, these fellas are there to curl up with me while I steal a few precious moments to myself. They want nothing but for me to enjoy my time with them; they are unfailingly there for me; they know just what I need and are always ready to offer it by the scoopful. My men, Ben & Jerry, are hands down the hottest guys a girl could ask for.”

So to all the men that were nominated, we wish we could hand each of you a trophy.  You are already winners because the woman in your life thinks you’re the Hottest Dad in Reno and a truly amazing Father. Keep up the great work!  You can view all of the entries for this contest here.

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