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My Approach to a Happy, Healthy First Pregnancy

happy healthy pregnancyI am almost 4 months into my very first pregnancy, and wanted to share my thoughts on prenatal health so far with the RMB Community.

For my baby doctor, I chose Dr. Corrine Capurro at Alpine Woman’s Health. When I met her, I instantly felt comfortable with her and her sense of babies. Not only is she down to Earth, knowledgeable and is absolutely qualified to do what she does, but she has this firm, persona that is quite soothing.  No messing around, not going to sugar coat things, tell you like it is, but with a sweet smile. I probably ask her some pretty weird questions, she doesn’t mind, happily answers them. She let’s me know what their doing and why. If I don’t agree with something, she is OK with that or explains why she feels it should be done. When you’re having a baby for the first time, it’s scary and you need someone in your corner that you believe in.

During one of the first office visits, we discussed going to see a perinatal specialist. I’m not a high-risk pregnancy or anything, but we opted to get some testing performed. Dr. Oki at Reno Perinatal is the same way that Dr. Capurro is, very thorough, very calm, and good at explaining what is going on and what he would advise to do. Professional, clear simple answers, and he takes the best 3D baby pictures around! The screening tests they do are to provide information whether or not a pregnancy is at an increased risk to be affected with a chromosome condition.  They test for Down syndrome, spina bifida, cleft palate, heart defects or other organ defects. Most screenings are performed with either a blood sample or a urine sample. There are other more invasive types of testing such as chorionic villus sampling or CVS and amniocentesis. Both of these tests require a needle that goes into the placenta and retrieves a small sample of placenta to be tested. The fluid is used to examine the chromosomes from the pregnancy and can predict a birth defect such as Down syndrome. I personally opted out of this test as to my husband and I, even though were not religious in anyway, this one is left up to God and what he/she wants. There is a small risk of miscarriage, so if you’re newly pregnant, discuss this with your doctor to see what is right for you and your baby!

I do feel strongly about having a good connection with your doctors, as they are there to help you every step of the way.

Along with all the fun, monthly doctor visits, there is eating right and working out. Again, on some of these topics, please check with your doctor.  I have a pretty decent diet, the occasional splurge on something fatty and sugary. Once I knew I was having a little one, I made the honest effort to still eat healthy and to keep a workout regime.  I had to break up eating my meals into smaller portions, eating more often during the day. That whole sandwich and a side of fruit can be too much, so I eat only half of each, then save it for about to 2 hours later. Same thing with dinner, smaller portions and definitely no eating after 7pm — especially since my bedtime had gone from about 9:30 to about 7:30! A full belly of food and baby can be too much and I feel so bloated and heavy, too much pressure going on.

For breakfast, I usually have either cottage cheese and fruit, toast with egg white & avocado or a smoothie. Oatmeal with a banana is just right, too. You can eat a little snack after that, like a handful of granola with nuts and berries. Carrots and peanut butter is always a good hit. Lunch is the same way, a mix of veggies, a lean protein, some fiber and a little fruit, keeps me going. I keep good, healthy snacks around me, so that I am less tempted to eat something that is high in fats, sugars or preservatives.

There are nights that I don’t feel well or just tired from the day. So on Sundays, I make some chicken breasts for the week, that I’ll use in lunches or dinners. I try to get my normal veggies and chop them up so they are ready to go. Boil some wheat pasta and save it in a zippy, so a pasta dish, can be thrown together with less prep time. Planning ahead of time meals has helped me out tremendously. The hubby can easily make a dinner for us if I’m just not up to it.

I drink plenty of water during the day. In an 8-hour work period, I try to have a glass of water every hour. Lately, water isn’t appealing to me, so I add a fresh squeeze of lemon to it. Sometimes more if I am working out.

My workouts are about an hour everyday. I often do cardio with either a nice fast paced walk or light jog. (Depending upon how my breasts feel!) Cycling, light hand weights, assisted weight machines. I do not do heavy abdominal workouts like crunches or anything, but planks are good and lightly engaging the core is fine. I do exercises that I am comfortable with and never heavy weights or anything that I am struggling to do. I read that if you can work out and have a conversation without gasping for air, your doing well. You can feel when it’s just too much.  I do the yoga workouts and soon will start with prenatal yoga. Make sure to keep hydrated while working out as well.

Since day one, I have been taking a prenatal vitamin with DHA. At first it was making me nauseated, so I take it with food and in the evening time. Make sure the one that you choose has folic acid in it. I know some women that opted not to take a prenatal vitamin, but they instead focus on what they eat. I personally do not quite agree with that, as you’d have to be very specific with what you eat in order to get all those nutrients that the baby needs.

With the start of my second trimester, I have more energy, not so tired feeling and the baby bump is starting to make its presence known.  I put away all the clothes that are too tight right and made a shelf dedicated to shirts, blouses, pants and skirts that are wearable. Anything too tight especially around the tummy, are very uncomfortable. With the weather being cold, lately I have been loving leggings! You can take an oversized shirt or sweater and pair it with the leggings, cute and comfortable.  Even a flowing summer dress can be worn with leggings. You don’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling good just because there’s a bun in your oven. Last Friday, just for fun, I wore a pair of short-heeled boots, leggings and last year’s New Years dress — just to keep the little bit of sexiness alive in me!

So far so good, I take one day at a time and just try to enjoy being pregnant. It’s an amazing feeling and I am very happy to become a new mother.

MaeaWorkBWMaea Benton has been a native Nevadan since day 1. Growing up in the alfalfa fields of the Greenwave spirit of Fallon, moving to Reno at the age of 18. Life was waiting for her around the corner.  Graduate from TMCC, she has spent her younger days, traveling to Tahiti where her mother is from, learning to speak the language and exploring the food culture.  The ocean has always given her peace and a fondness for the unknown.  Married to the most amazing man. Moving on up from dog mother to now expecting her first child. Life has been so full and wonderful, the next phase, motherhood. Lived, loved and laughed, she is exploring the great outdoors. Living out in North Red Rock, Rancho Haven, throwing off her heels and getting dirty. You can check out all of Maea’s posts at her blog, Inspired Nevada Wifey.


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  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for you guys! This is so exciting! I pray that pregnancy is healthy. You are so happy together too. This is exciting. Can’t wait to find out if it’s a little baby!

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