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Getting Fit With Gwen and Jen: Three Month Update

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Getting Fit With Gwen and Jen

Reno Moms Blog is featuring a series of posts featuring two local nutrition coaches and NPC bikini fitness competitors, Gwen Sedler and Jen Boscovich. We have a team of RMB contributors that have signed up to make a lifestyle change through the consultation of these nutrition and fitness experts. Follow along as our contributors share their trials, tribulations and triumphs through the process.

getting fit with gwen and jen workoutCan you believe our brave contributors continued their Clean Eating challenge through the holidays?  The effort has paid off, as we have three contributors reporting great results after working with Gwen and Jen.  They even get together for workouts!

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Reno-Moms-Blog-Contributor-Tracie-BarnthouseTracie Barnthouse

Chugging along here! Thanksgiving didn’t really phase me, but Christmas did me in. I totally indulged and enjoyed every single bite and morsel that was offered to me. That said, I found that the sweets I previously loved instantly set me into sugar shock, so I didn’t indulge nearly as much as I have in the past. And you know what? I only gained two pounds, resulting in 30 lbs. lost so far. (I expect those two to come off fairly quickly, though!) My next goal is to consistently add cardio to my plan. I have been slacking hard core on this, and know adding it will only amplify the results I’ve seen so far. We are meeting for our last meeting soon, where Gwen and Jen will set us free into a world of carbohydrates and cupcakes, but I’m feeling that I can easily make this a lifestyle thing, and have no plans on going back to life “pre-Gwen and Jen.” 🙂

fayth rossFayth Ross

Things are going great. I’m down 20 pounds and three sizes. I can’t believe it. Thanksgiving and Christmas went well; I was soooo good and barely cheated. Everyone commented on my will power and how I turned down cheesecake, pumpkin pie, the works. And then my grandparents came to visit. I had two weeks off of work and they visited for an entire week; it was then that things went downhill. Instead of eating my 6 meals a day, I ended up barely make 3 per day. Our schedule was just so full and crazy I had a hard time making myself a priority. When I did eat, it wasn’t always the best food. I tried making good choices, but sometimes it felt impossible. What I’ve mostly learned is that I do best when I have a routine and schedule. When I’m working and doing all the things that I do, it truly is easier to eat those 6 meals and to ensure they’re the clean choices prescribed by Jen and Gwen. I’m looking forward to returning to work on Jan. 5th as I know I’ll get back in gear and get back on the wagon. I am pleased I only gained a pound during this “off-track” time and know I’ll kick it next week. I’ve very much loved my experience with Gwen and Jen – in fact, my husband just signed up to have Gwen’s help and we’ll be continuing with her in the coming months. I’m so excited to have him as a partner in this journey!

lauren bradfieldLauren Bradfield

Things are going great here! I’m down 10 pounds from the start of the program, 3 of which were in the past week (extra holiday weight gain!) I love that the scale is lower and my clothes fit better, but what I am most excited about is how dropping those few pounds has made my passion for running come back. I had stopped running after my second was born, complaining of hip pain brought on by pounding the pavement. However, since I’ve been dropping weight the hip pain is gone and I am running 4.5 miles in 40 mins, under 10 minute miles! I am so proud of this small accomplishment and I believe that working with Gwen and Jen encouraged me to get back on the road. I definitely plan on continuing with the program!

Reno Fitness Photographer NPC-2-18To learn more about the nutrition and fitness services offered by Gwen and Jen, please visit their websites:
Gwen and Jen will be kicking off another 12 Week Transformation. Fill out this contact form to get started!
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