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Quick and Dirty New Year’s Eve for the Kiddos!

Just after MIDNIGHT 2014!

New Year’s Eve is upon us. In fact, It’s TONIGHT! Here I am, with nothing planned for my boys… All those other giant HOLIDAYS of fun and excitement sucked the ever-loving Pinterest right out of you? Or, maybe your eyes have become raging infernos of DEATH with the mere mention of Pinterest? Let’s start with the basics!


Sparkling Cider, or Sparkling Water and some sort of Juice*

Champagne Flutes or other FANCY glasses **

Really, those 2 things are the most fun things in my experience… Toasting the New Year! Make sure to “CHEERS!” My plan is some sort of normalish dinner (I should figure that out too, dang it!) and some snacks, like popcorn, maybe veggie sticks… If I get crazy maybe cupcakes?

Now, if you want to get a little CRAZY you can plan some activities. Basically, imagine the insanity of your post holiday house in your head think of things you already have and decide what hour you’ll start. I’m starting at 7:00pm and I’ll plan something silly for each hour up until midnight. NOTE: I have a 4 year-old. Sometimes midnight is easily attainable for him, sometimes NOT. There is no reason to think of these “hourly” activities as literally bound to the allotted timeframe. If one flops, move on, if they’re having an AMAZING time let them keep playing! You can choose absolutely any activity your kids like, you can buy popper and party hats, or NOT! Also, midnight can happen at ANY moment! Here is my list:

6:00pm DINNER (enchiladas in the crockpot? hmm…)

1512383_962616237419_1248003107_n7:00pm LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Dance Party!

For this activity all you need is a way to play music and some crazy wiggle-releasing tunes! Then JUST DANCE! It’s fun to do weird dances and see if the kids can copy them, or just bounce around and move! If you aren’t a dancing fool, or you’d rather you could play a MINUTE TO WIN IT game like Face the Cookie where you place a cookie on your forehead and then try to get it to your mouth without it falling off in a minute (this is easier for older kids :)). You could also bundle up and take a holiday light stroll around your neighborhood before all the lights come down 🙂

8:00pm GAME TIME!

Another wiggle, tire them out ploy! We played Simon Says and Red Light/Green Light last year, but you could also play a WEIRD HOLIDAY RACE. You’d need candy canes and/or balloons. If you are using candy canes each player gets one to hold in their mouth, hook side out and then you can either split into teams and have people pass another candy cane across their team only using their mouths, first to the end wins OR just see if you can pass it to every person at the party in less than a minute! For balloons, you place one between the knees of each racer and they have to waddle across the room without dropping their balloon.

9:00pm POPCORN and a MOVIE!

Maybe you stop and rent one from Redbox, or maybe you just pop in a family favorite, but once the kiddos get a little pooped this can be just the thing.

1488172_962627854139_195078437_n10:00pm MAKE FIREWORKS!

I have SO MUCH GLITTER, so with the help of glue and popsicle sticks we might make fireworks to hang (I also have a clear sealant hanging around) or we can just grab crayons and paper and draw fireworks, or our family in the NEW YEAR, or whatever we want… OR you might still be watching the movie OR you might skip dancing, or the game and do this instead OR something might flop or finish early 🙂



11:00pm BOWLING

supplies: 10 plastic cups, hallway, any random ball (big enough to knock over cups). set-up cups in a triangle and let each player “bowl”. Remember two rolls per turn in real bowling… You can keep score or not and play a whole 10 frames if you want! You can also use the cups to stack and knock over, this is best with more cups.1525588_962632759309_1400344729_n


MIDNIGHT! You MADE it! Or not 🙂 EASY BALLOON DROP: 2 black trash bags, tape along the center with masking or painter’s tape then fill with balloons and attach to the ceiling, I used push pins, I’ve seen people use tape too. Last year we bought a balloon drop bag at the party store, we kind of held the ends while they pulled the tape :)We usually share our favorite memories at midnight and some things we’d like to do in 2015.


1509217_962650084589_794866479_nLast year our boys LOVED the hourly “gift” format. I mean who doesn’t love one last shot to tear some wrapping paper to shreds and get a surprise! Perfect if you have a few leftover gift boxes and wrapping 🙂 What we did was wrote each activity on a piece of paper and filled the box with confetti, then wrapped it and wrote the time on the outside. You can also draw activities out of a hat, or put  papers into balloons that the kids can pop!

*If you are anti-juice, fruit pureed with water can work too OR if you soak some fruit in water for several hours you can use 1/2 fruit water 1/2 sparkling and garnish with the cut fruit for a similar effect.

Carpet with Confetti. It vacuumed up like no big thing!

** Plastic Champagne Flutes are fun too, especially with littles!

Balloon Drop Instructions (substitute table cloth with two trash bags, sub yarn with masking tape :)) 




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