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Boobs and Butts, Oh My!

Can we talk about boobs for a minute? My five year old son has a slight obsession. Am I alone in this?

From asking how my bra goes on to simply coming up and touching them, he’s definitely noticed them. I know it’s only natural, but it’s really funny and his curiosity is keeping me on my toes. He giggles about boobs, butts and anatomy in general. His reaction to these things only makes me giggle too. Whenever the words “boobs” or “butt” are said he practically doubles over with laughter.

It seems like just yesterday I explained, “Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.” I guess I had no idea at what age he would start noticing things beyond that explanation. The other day we were at Kohl’s and we were standing at the back of a long line of holiday shoppers. We happened to be next to a mannequin in the women’s section and when I turned I realized my son had his hand up her dress! I’m just glad no one was behind us. I didn’t know what to say. I was amused and embarrassed at the same time. I think I uttered, “Please don’t do that” or something to that affect and made him come stand in front of me.

Then, about two weeks ago my husband told me that after watching a commercial Chase looked at my husband and squealed, “I saw her boobs.” The commercial in question is for a video game called “Game of War.” If you haven’t yet seen it, it basically features model Kate Upton (who is all boobs) riding around on a horse. The folks at “Game of War” are no dummies. They knew they would get the attention of more than just gamers with this commercial. I’m sure every man in America, gamer or not, can tell you what “Game of War” is. Problem is, I didn’t know it would get the attention of my five year old.

Game of War
“Game of War” Commercial

I knew that my son would figure this stuff out eventually. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. They start noticing differences and become aware of anatomy with potty training, mom/dad, siblings of the opposite sex, and when they start school, etc. I get it. What gets me is all the outside influences I didn’t think about. As women we’ve been bombarded (via every outlet imaginable) with “image” since we were little girls. I never really thought about the fact that little boys are just as bombarded as a result.

Long of the short, we are doing our best to explain what’s appropriate and what’s not. He’ll get it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be long, funny ride before it all really sinks in. When it finally does BAM! puberty will set in and a whole new discussion will need to take place. So for now, I think I’ll enjoy his giggles and my husband and I will do our best to explain things. Between this and all the questions about God I hope to make it out alive!


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Jessica Grundy
Jessica Grundy grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved out west when she was 12 years old. She attended Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada, and received her communications degree from University of Nevada, Reno. She also studied abroad in London, England. Since 2008 she has lived in Carson City with her husband, Jason, a Carson City native. The apples of her eye are son, Chase, and daughter, Elle. Jessica went back to work in April 2014 after taking two years off to be at home with her kids, so when she's not busy working fulltime or being a mom, she likes to get outdoors. She wishes there was more time for reading and travelling though. On the weekends you can most likely find her playing miniature golf, a favorite family activity.

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