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10 Gift Ideas for Reno Moms – With mostly no Shipping Required!

Christmas-GiftAre you knee-deep in holiday shopping like me? Trying to remember if you ordered that person the same thing last year. And what size are the nephews now, why do they insist on growing each year? I don’t think 16-year-olds are into Legos any more, I’m just saying that I might need to rethink that addition to the Amazon shopping cart.

All this shopping got me thinking, what do moms want this time of year? I mean, do they need more slippers or gifts sets from Bath and Bodyworks? So I asked our Reno Moms Blog experts what they really wanted this year.

Here is a list of ten gift ideas, and many do not require shipping.

  1. An uninterrupted day on the couch with the DVR or a book to watch or read whatever they want – It might be a marathon of Shonda Rimes shows or the new bestseller from Sundance Books.
  2. A drink – preferably a nice glass of wine or a sip of something special that doesn’t come out of a juice box or sippy cup along with a few minutes to relax and enjoy it. A trip to Craft will give you a ton of cocktail choices that Moms and Dads will love.
  3. The classic massage, manicure/pedicure gift or spa certificate – Moms need a little, a lot, of pampering, but that doesn’t often make it onto their To Do lists. Give Mom a gift of a few hours relaxation at Soak, the Atlantis Spa, the Peppermill or any of the great day spas in town.
  4. A housecleaning gift certificate: this might be the perfect after Christmas gift, a clean house with no more pine needles or tinsel lurking in the corners of the living room. Oh, to have someone else mop the bathrooms and kitchen.
  5. Babysitting gift certificates: I did this for some friends by making a simple certificate. They redeemed it within two weeks, giving me the excuse to eat chicken nuggets while they had a night out.
  6. A cooking, painting or other crafty class: A class at Nothing To It! Cooking School or an evening at Picasso and Wine with a girlfriend would give mom some time to learn something new in fun environment without having to clean up after!
  7. The gift of a driver: having someone else do daycare or soccer practice pickups for a day or maybe even a week!
  8. Gift cards: think Starbucks, Amazon and Target, a whole card just for mom to spend on herself and not on paper towels and Kraft Mac & Cheese.
  9. A gift certificates to dinner or a night at the movies or a live performance in town would be great! Maybe a show at the Pioneer Center or a dinner at The Bridge.
  10. A thank you. Let’s face it moms are amazing, they are air traffic controllers, scheduling geniuses, short-order cooks and comforters-in-chief all year long. Many of our Reno Moms said they would love a letter from their spouse, and even from their kids, that just thanks and appreciates them for what they do for their families, day in and day out. Something that says thank for doing the never-ending laundry to giving the best hugs and knowing how to make their favorite foods. Let’s face it, Moms you are awesome and we love you for all you do for us.

Happy Holidays Mamas! And may you have a new year filled with laughter, love and mani/pedi gift certificates!

Do you have a special gift you would like this year? Tell us below!


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Shelle Murach
Shelle Murach has been an Aunt since 1985. She specializes in saying things like, “Should that child be doing that to her brother?” “Where did that juice box go?” "Can Aunt Shelle have some of your Cheez-its?” She is an expert at attending dance recitals, soccer games and ice skating competitions all while clapping or cheering at the appropriate moments.While she is very good at passing out cake at birthday parties, due to an unfortunate incident with a stick, her husband has made her promise to never again help with piñatas. Something about lawsuits and personal injury nonsense. She precariously balances being a full-time Aunt with a career in PR and has found that many of her client management skills can also be used on her various nieces and nephews. She is very excited to be part of Reno Mom’s Blog where she will focus on the Reno food and events scene, booster seats and face paint are optional. You can check out her blog at Care & Feeding in Reno, where she desperately needs to post some new stories and recipes. Trust me, she knows, it is on the list.

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