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Getting Fit With Gwen and Jen: One Month Update

Reno Moms Blog is starting a new series of posts featuring two local nutrition coaches and NPC bikini fitness competitors, Gwen Sedler and Jen Boscovich. We have five RMB contributors that have signed up to make a lifestyle change through the consultation of these nutrition and fitness experts. Follow along as our contributors share their trials, tribulations and triumphs through the process.

The first two weeks on this program were really challenging for most of our contributors.  We asked them how they’re doing after one month.  Here are their responses.

Reno-Moms-Blog-Contributor-Tracie-BarnthouseTracie Barnthouse

Everything on my end is going really, really well. The modifications to the plan to account for a vegetarian diet have been very helpful. I find that I get fuller with less food, which is a funny phenomenon that I love and hate at the same time. I’ve lost 20 lbs., have gone down one pant size (very, very close to two!), and have a ton of energy. Most challenging: my daughter asking when I get to eat “normal” food again, like pizza. It’s a tough balance of following this plan to a T and working through those questions because I don’t want to give her any body and food issues. I tiptoe around it a bit and never say it’s a diet, but am still trying to concoct the perfect response for the next time she asks. All in all, though, I’m doing great!

jennifer duvalJennifer Duval

While I haven’t experienced the incredible weight loss that Tracie has (Go, Tracie!), overall I feel much healthier than I did a month ago, and for that I’m grateful. Completely eliminating dairy from my diet has probably been the best change I’ve made for my body. I am now 100% dairy free thanks to Gwen and Jen, and well on my way to becoming 100% gluten free. Although I’ve never been a big drinker, I also have not had one drop of alcohol, and don’t plan to ever add that or dairy back into my diet. I believe that because of these changes, I have more energy, and that is another thing for which I am grateful.

Sugar is a ‘no-no’ but I’ve allowed some into my diet, in moderation, of course. I love the taste of chocolate so I eat one or two dark chocolate squares a day – eek! I also add non-dairy creamer in my morning coffee. But, to make this a true lifestyle change, I have found that some of these small modifications are a must, even if the choice isn’t ideal.

My weight loss has been slow, but my clothes fit a little better, which is always a good thing!

Health and weight loss is wonderful, but truly the greatest gifts I’ve received through this experience are the guidance, support, and most importantly, the PATIENCE Gwen and Jen have demonstrated. Making a lifestyle change (of any kind) is tough and the support you receive from those around you is critical for success. I also couldn’t make these changes without the camaraderie of my fellow RMB contributors. I’ve had some frustrating days – days where I’ve felt like a complete failure, days where I’ve wanted to quit – but my friends have lifted me up with kind, encouraging, and funny (“Yes, sex is considered exercise.”) words that have kept me going.

april garcia

April Garcia

I have loved this journey with Gwen and Jen and my fellow moms. There is so much information and support that you never feel like you are doing this alone.

Though my weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as my fellow moms, I am still excited about the progress and the experience. It reminds me that we all have different bodies, different schedules, and different needs– but we all can get to the finish line together.

Our coaches have been wonderfully supportive and are clearly models of what happens when you set your mind on physical fitness.

I painfully discovered that I don’t care much for chicken or turkey, but trying to get more of my protein from other sources has worked for me.

I am excited for the next leg of our journey, and to see what all of us can achieve with a little more time. Cheers!

fayth rossFayth Ross

Things are going so great! I’ve lost 8 pounds, which isn’t huge, but I only had 15 to lose so I’m more than half way to my goal. My clothes fit so much better and some are now too big. I just wish I hadn’t gotten rid of all my smaller clothes thinking I’d never fit in them again. It’s going to be terrible having to buy new clothes. 😉

I’m exercising so much more frequently, with greater endurance and energy, and when I miss days, I physically crave it. However, while I have been losing weight, I am not tone. I’m now embarking on trying to incorporate strength training into my routine; cardiovascular exercise as my only source just isn’t cutting it.

As far as the food goes, things are going well. I’m also super happy because my husband joined me a week ago and now eats whatever I eat. It’s so much easier doing this together! I still miss cheese and wine; I’m not sure that’s ever going to go away. That said, I have allowed myself an occasional half glass of wine here and there (when the choice is wine or being a very unpleasant mommy, I choose wine).

Our team is really amazing and I’m so glad to have embarked on this journey together. Our leaders, Gwen and Jen, are terrific. Incredibly patient, full of knowledge, and models of inspiration, they’ve been exactly what I was hoping for. And my fellow RMB participants have made things so much fun; we share recipes, provide encouragement, and are each other’s cheerleaders.

lauren bradfieldLauren Bradfield

Hard work pays off. Going into Week 5, things are looking up in my journey with Get Fit with Gwen and Jen. I definitely had some growing pains, but I feel more comfortable with my diet plan now and both Gwen and Jen are doing so much to help us along and customize diet plans to work with our food “needs (wants)”.

I’ve learned a lot about my body during this adventure. I’ve learned how much a little dairy can totally mess with your hormones. I’ve learned how painful a sugar detox is. Sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine, and once you’ve gotten used to not having it, reintroducing it back into your diet just destroys you. Instant headache.

I’m excited to keep going. To date, I’ve lost roughly 7 pounds. Jeans that I just purchased for the winter season are loose in the thighs and I am finally seeing the payoff from the hard work I’ve invested in my Pilates as I look for toned due to fat loss.
But by far, the most important lesson I’ve learned is it’s so much harder to try to do this alone. I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from my the ladies in my diet group, Gwen and Jen, and my friends and family. Thank you all for helping me through this.

I can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring! Obviously I’m hoping for more weightloss, but I can happily say I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin than I have in a long time.

Reno Fitness Photographer NPC-2-18To learn more about the nutrition and fitness services offered by Gwen and Jen, please visit their websites:

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