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Best Reno Spots to Pick Up Mom Friends

Because we all walk around in looking this fashionable, right?
Because we all walk around in looking this fashionable, right?

“Mom” friends: every mom needs at least one.

That friend who needs no explanation when you arrive 25 minutes late for a simple play date because you just. couldn’t. get. out. of. the. house.  That friend whom you’re not even embarrassed a little bit to have ride in your disaster zone car.  That friend who is roughly on the same plane of parenting perspectives with you, so you  can honestly share without feeling judged.

These friendship jewels can be hard to find, and the usual spots you’d think of – like birthday parties, daycare/school, sports – can be a bust, because there’s too much going on, no time to chat, or you just want to focus on your own kid.

Here are three tried-and-true spots around Reno where moms and kids tend to linger, making them a simpler and more relaxed place to make some new connections.

  • Yogurt Beach, multiple locations. This is easily number one on the list – think of it as the BuBinga Lounge in its heyday (you know you went there, too!), but for moms and kids. Anyone and everyone in your kids’ life is here just about every night of the week: if you stop off after gymnastics/dance/swim/soccer/Scouts/church, you’re bound to see someone your child knows, which makes for an easy introduction.  Don’t see anyone you know? The seating is limited and cozy enough to just sit right next to another mom and start a conversation without feeling too awkward.
  • Discovery Museum, 490 S. Center St. This one may seem obvious, but it’s a good spot to pick up mom friends for a different reason than you might think. Sure, it’s popular with the kids, and there’s lots to enjoy here for parents, too. But the real secret of the Discovery Museum for those seeking mom friends is in the frequent fliers. Many local moms invest in the annual pass and take their littles on a regular, even weekly basis. Before long, those faces become familiar and it’s less intimidating to strike up a conversation.
  • Saint Mary’s/The Nurturing Nest new mom groups. Open to all, these groups can prove essential for your sanity, and also happen to be the perfect place to make mom friends. Whether you’ve showered or not, whether your child is calm or not – wheel your stroller right in for an hour of community and connection with other moms who have kids roughly your age. No question is too weird and no postpartum feeling is off-limits. Bonus: no one cares if you whip out a boob OR a bottle. Score! I haven’t checked out the The Nurturing Nest, but I personally loved the group at Saint Mary’s; I met a fellow new mom there who is still a pal today. Four years on, our kids still enjoy play dates while we catch up on gossip!

Tell us: where did you meet your “mom” friends? What are the best places to meet moms in Sparks, Dayton/Carson and Tahoe? 


About Annie McFarland

Annie McFarland
Happily married to her former neighbor, Annie is mom to three kids age four and under. She (mostly) balances life at home with working full-time in brand and media licensing. Off the clock, you can find Annie on the couch with her nose in a book (or pressed up against the Kindle), thinking about maybe doing some scrapbooking, or listening to NPR podcasts (she's what you call "indoorsy"). If it's football season, she will faithfully support her Southern husband by cheering on the Auburn Tigers and Atlanta Falcons.


  1. Hi! My family and I are moving to Reno in late February/early March, and I’m so hoping to meet some moms and make some friends! We’re from DC and are coming with our son (3) and daughter (7 months). Thank you for these tips! Also, do you know how I might get in touch with some local moms to ask some questions about schools/neighborhoods ahead of time? Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, Lynnette! We have a really great feeling about Reno and want to love it, but there’s so much we don’t know– schools, where to live, etc, that it feels a little daunting! I’m sure we’ll figure it all out.

  3. I met most of my Reno mom friends at Baby Bootcamp. We work out, our kids play, nobody cares if you have to breastfeed your baby or discipline your toddler during class. Then we arrange playdates and let each other know about other events, sales, good places to take the kids, and exchange advice on parenting issues. Also library storytimes, Jump man Jump, Gymboree are good places to meet people and see if your kids get along together.

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