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I was first introduced to Brene Brown and The Daring Way by my friend Shelle. After watching Brene’s famous TED Talk on vulnerability, I quickly inhaled her books. In short, I’m a believer in Brene’s work and it has made a huge difference in the way I think about myself, relationships and parenting. When I had the chance to attend The Daring Way workshop in Reno through Amber Barnes and Co. I jumped at the opportunity.  The last year for me has been one of extreme (and sometimes painful) growth. I’ve examined friendships, my relationships with my husband and kids, learned more about myself and what I value. The work that I did during The Daring Way has been something that I think about frequently. If you’d like to learn more about shame, vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and your values, read through to learn more about The Daring Way! I highly recommend it. – Jenny Petty

We’re excited to announce another learning and development opportunity that available right here in Reno – The Daring Way™!

The Daring Way is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was designed for work with individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. During the workshops we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. We examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding us back and we identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

If you enjoyed Dr. Brown’s Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection, I Thought It Was Just Me or her TED Talks, The Power of Vulnerability and Listening to Shame, you will LOVE the Daring Way experience.

The experiences are co-lead by Amber Barnes and Rebecca Hamlin. Both are certified in Dr. Brown’s Daring Way™ methodology and have been practitioners of her work and research for years.

How is the Daring Way™ relevant for moms?

Rebecca: I’m a mom of two young kids and the every day pressures can be overwhelming at times. Parenting can be really hard and it’s difficult to create space for personal growth and self-care. The Daring Way is an opportunity to take a break from the demands of motherhood, to focus on you and to just breath.

As a mom the rushed and chaotic life can start to feel “normal.” My work with The Daring Way has taught me a different path. Finding more joy in the ordinary-everyday moments, practicing self-compassion, setting boundaries, and investing in healthy and supportive relationships are just a few of the lessons that have transformed the way that I parent. This time with my kids won’t last long. I’m so grateful I invested in this work so that I could learn what was getting in the way. Now there is nothing keeping me from being me the Mom I’ve always wanted to be.

Amber: Keep in mind that I do not have kids, but most of my friends are moms and of course I have a mom. I see moms struggle with the messages and expectations of who they should be, how they should parent, and what they should and shouldn’t do. It’s a lot of pressure and frankly, the expectations are often unrealistic and not very helpful for day-to-day life. The challenge is that these messages and expectations often leave moms feeling less-than, unworthy, and sometimes like a complete failure. I can relate with these feelings, because there are messages and expectations for me as a woman, as a wife, and for all the other roles I play in my life that leave me feeling similarly. It’s hard for me to give to others and be the best version of me when I this way. The Daring Way provides space for moms to process these messages and expectations while developing the skills to cultivate resilience. Developing shame resilience allows women to parent from place of worthiness, authenticity, and courage – which creates space for their children to do the same.

The ArenaWhat can moms expect to learn from the experience?

Amber: Unfortunately, shame starts in childhood. As parents and caregivers, there is an opportunity to help children develop shame resilience at an early age by 1) understanding the difference between shame and guilt, 2) being mindful of our word choice, and 3) helping kids process shame experiences from outside influencers like teachers, peers, friends, and family members. The Daring Way provides moms with the understanding and skills to help themselves and their kids develop shame resilience.

Rebecca: The Daring Way tackles difficult topics like shame, vulnerability, and fear and how these things get in the way of living a wholehearted life. The Daring Way is an opportunity to identify your values and close the gap between aspired and practiced values. Courage is an identified value for me but when I did this work I realized that, as a mom, I was paralyzed by fear. I was hyper-focused on the opinions of others and I found myself working to earn the approval of people I barely knew. The Daring Way helped me to shift my focus and start to live and act in a way that reflected true courage. I have finally been able to focus on what really matters in life.

How can moms participate in the Daring Way™?

  • 3-Day Intensive Workshop on November 14th-16th from 8:30-5:00pm at 1301 Cordone Avenue. Tuition is $350 and readers of the blog save 25% with code DaringMom. Register here.
  • 8-Week Workshop starting on January 6th from 11am-1pm. We will meet weekly for eight weeks at 140 Washington Street. Tuition is $275 and readers of the blog save 25% with code DaringMom. Register here.

If the dates above don’t work for you, there are more dates available in 2015. Check out our calendar.




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