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Getting Fit With Gwen and Jen: Meet The Challenge Participants

Reno Moms Blog is starting a new series of posts featuring two local nutrition coaches and NPC bikini fitness competitors, Gwen Sedler and Jen Boscovich.  We have five RMB contributors that have signed up to make a lifestyle change through the consultation of these nutrition and fitness experts.  Follow along as our contributors share their trials, tribulations and triumphs through the process. 

We asked the participating contributors, “Why did you accept this challenge, and what do you hope to get out of it?”  Here are their responses. 

jennifer duvalJennifer Duval

I used to eat clean about 80 percent of the time but over the last few years I’ve found myself simply eating whatever is ‘easy.’ Sometimes this means stopping for take-out on my way home from work. Sometimes it means eating a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs with the kids. I don’t feel good when I eat this way and need to get back on track, which is why I’m giving Gwen and Jen’s program a try.


Reno-Moms-Blog-Contributor-Tracie-BarnthouseTracie Barnthouse

I’m a textbook yo-yo dieter. I’ll get on a kick and lose 20 lbs. only to gain it all back (and then some). This opportunity is coming at the perfect time, because I need to start over from scratch and make a true lifestyle change. I know it will be hard, but I’m excited, and to be doing it alongside friends is the icing on the (rice) cake!


fayth rossFayth Ross

I haven’t been happy with my weight nor confident in my appearance for well over 9 years. After I had my first child, I lost all the baby weight and then some. I was also a stay-at-home Mom and exercised daily, making it a priority to go for runs with the baby in the jogger, to the gym, etc. Two years later, I went back to work, and I no longer made exercising a priority. After babies number 2 and 3, I never got back to my ideal weight. I exercised. I ate OK. But if there was a yummy dessert, I’d have it. When I was packing my children’s lunches, I’d snack on whatever I was packing for them. I finished their dinner plates at night, eating their scraps (and extra calories). And I kept making excuses: after vacation, I’d start eating better. After our guests left, I’d eat better. After a stressful workload, I’d eat better. I always pushed it out and got to a weight that was truly embarrassing to me.

When I saw this opportunity to join Gwen and Jen, I was really excited. I felt if I had to “report back” I’d have an accountability which would make me stay on track. And I’ve always wanted help from a nutritionist to make sure I was making accurate choices. But the most exciting element came from getting to embark on this journey with friends. I love my Reno Moms Blog friends and being able to experience this together: to support one another, to share ideas, challenges, and recipes, to kibitz about missing wine or difficult situations, and to peer pressure one another…I knew this would really keep me honest and motivated!

I was really nervous to get started. I heard from one of our mamas who had to meet with Gwen and Jen earlier that we weren’t allowed sugar, fruit, alcohol, or gluten. I honestly didn’t think I could do it. I loooove fruit. And I love wine. In fact, in my job, many of my work meetings occur after hours over a glass of wine. How could I do this?

But after meeting with Gwen and Jen, the fear was replaced with empowerment, eagerness, and excitement. These two know what they’re doing and they have so many tips and tricks for getting through things like missing sugar or how to handle social situations where you’re expected to eat/drink. They were so motivational – and totally beautiful (which yeah, is intimidating…but they’re so nice and likable, they became one of the gals and totally approachable). I loved the customized calorie/portion/food plan and while I’m still nervous if I can do it, I’m going strong. Granted, it’s only been two days, but I WANT to do this and I have Gwen/Jen and an amazing group of Mamas that will help me stick to it!

Yesterday, I honestly looked at my food thinking, “I can’t eat all of this.” I had turkey, green beans, and potato for a morning snack. That felt weird, as I normally grab an apple. But I ate it all. And I kept eating and enjoying everything.

lauren bradfieldLauren Bradfield

I don’t hate my body. It has taken me on so many amazing adventures, housed and fed my two beautiful boys, swam, danced, the list continues. No, I love my body, and it’s because I love it that I I decided I needed to do something. See, like so many moms, my body just hasn’t been the same since kids. Weight has accumulated on my hips and thighs, and no matter how much exercise I did, from running to Pilates, it stubbornly remained there. I knew the answer was in my diet, but like that weight, I stubbornly refused to change it. And so, the weight stayed, and I remained frustrated.
Realizing I have been stuck at the same weight for five years (minus pregnancy), I know it’s time for a change. So with my fellow Reno Moms Blog Contributors I have embarked on an entirely new diet and lifestyle experience. I’m not going to lie, the next 12 weeks, falling inconveniently smack in the middle of the holidays and an overseas trip for me will be beyond challenging. The first two weeks are especially difficult. But I’m refusing to give up. Absolutely refusing. So wish me luck and follow all of us on Reno Moms Blog as we attack Get Fit with Gwen and Jen. I’ll know I’ll need it!

april garcia

April Garcia

I am absolutely ecstatic that this week I am beginning a clean eating program with Jen & Gwen.  I have been working for the last year on eating better, but I have hit a plateau.  I was looking for an expert that has walked the walk to help me get to the next level.  I researched different options and when I heard about this dynamic duo—I knew they were the perfect solution.  After sitting down with both of them, I feel great about the chance to get into the best shape of my life.

I have already learned so much about clean eating from these ladies, and it was obvious they knew just how to help people achieve their goals.  My plan is to follow their guidance, lose a little extra weight, and become more fit than I was before kids, office jobs, and all the other things that can get in the way of taking care of our health.  Let’s Do This!

Reno Fitness Photographer NPC-2-18To learn more about the nutrition and fitness services offered by Gwen and Jen, please visit their websites:

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