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The Nevada Primary Election: Vote No on Question 3

abbi-whitakerAbbi Whitaker is the driving force behind The Abbi Agency, and is also one of the people behind the Biggest Little City Initiative.  Abbi is mom to two children, a leader in our community and a cancer survivor.  Read what she has to say about Question 3 in the November election regarding the Margin Tax. 

Nevada needs a solution to education funding, but the margins tax is not the answer.

The tax proposal, which will be on the Nov. 4 ballot as Question 3, would hurt small and growing businesses that have invested so much into the Northern Nevada community and economy. It could slow job growth, threaten mom and pop businesses and dissuade businesses from relocating to Nevada.

Northern Nevada is in the beginning stages of an economic rebound. Entrepreneurs are putting down roots here. Businesses large and small are investing in Reno. Now is not the time to put the brakes on this economic revitalization.

The margins tax is not the right response to Nevada’s education funding problem. But after the election, state officials, legislators and Nevada business owners must sit down and come to an agreement on how best to fund the state’s schools. Vote no on Question 3 this November, but urge your elected officials to come back to the table with a better proposal to fund Nevada education.

Abbi Whitaker

Source:  Originally published by the Reno Gazette Journal.


margin taxFor more information on why Question 3 isn’t the solution to Nevada’s educational problems, visit http://stopthemargintax.com/.  Below are some educational points from that website. 

“This 2% ‘Margin Tax’ would be on gross revenues, not profits, so it’s the equivalent of a nearly 15% business tax. That would make Nevada one of the five highest taxed states in the country for businesses.” – Carole Vilardo, President, Nevada Taxpayers Association


No accountability, no guarantee of more funds for schools

Promoters claim the tax is for education. But the law lets the legislature divert the funds to anything. Moreover, Question 3 contains no guidelines on how any funds that might go to education would be spent. It’s a blank check the politicians and bureaucrats could spend however they want, with no oversight and no accountability.



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  1. Abbi has only scratched the surface on why the Margins Tax is a train wreck waiting to happen. For one thing it only effects companies that sell their products and services in Nevada. Tesla for instance wouldn’t pay a dime because they will send their batteries out of state. Nor will my company be effected because our client base is primarily out of state. So not only will it raise prices on everything from groceries to health care, but it will put Nevada companies at a disadvantage against out of state companies.

    And it only gets worse. The way the tax is written, it will encourage companies that manufacture locally to lay off employees and outsource manufacturing. Companies will be able to deduct employee/owner compensation OR Cost of Goods Sold. Companies that manufacture locally distribute their costs between these categories. Companies that outsource are able to reduce labor expense, concentrating more expense into employee/owner compensation. Estimates on job losses vary, but 1000’s of Nevadans will lose their jobs. And we’ll lose the ability to attract quality employers to come to Reno.

    Don’t be fooled by the Teachers Union and their claims. There’s no guarantee that education funding will increase and any funds raised by the Margins Tax can’t be used to improve education infrastructure. The union is simply looking to add more people to payroll and boost their dues income.

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