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Pumpkin Patch Review: Andelin Farms

Corn Maze at Andelin Farms
Corn Maze at Andelin Farms

I have impossibly high standards when it comes to pumpkin patches.  Basically, they define Fall for me, and since Fall is my favorite season, that’s a tall order. Unfair, I know, but I make no apologies.  With those ivory tower standards in mind, I am happy to report that Andelin Family Farm is as close as you can come to perfection in the Reno area.

Andelin Family Farms has so much to offer for a family outing.  Of course, there’s the pumpkins, 12 varieties of squash and pumpkin to be exact, all in wide open fields that you’re able to comb through. There’s also a hayride, pulled by a tractor, and a tract set up where kids can ride push peddle carts. Should someone in your family be an animal lover, this is the spot for you. Andelin has over 40 animals of multiple species, including pigs, chickens, llamas, goats, and more. Plus this year, they’ve added a crime scene investigation element called “The Farm Scene Tracks”. Some sneaky farm animals have stolen Farmer Joe’s apple pie and it’s up to you to help find out which one.  Grab some rubbing paper and a crayon and trek through the corn maze looking for all six tracks of the culprit. Once collected, head back to the barn to let the family know which animal stole the pie.
Andelin Farms Hay Ride
Andelin Farms Hay Ride

The list of enjoyment at Andelin Family Farms goes on and on.  There’s a preschooler garden where young kids can practice gardening. There’s lassoing practice, bean bag tossing, hay bale climbing fun.  But by far, my most favorite item are the corn mazes.  There are two. The smaller 1/2 acre children’s maze has corn at 4.5 feel tall (tall enough to confuse the kids, but short enough that parents can see them wandering about). The Nevada Proud Corn Maze is 4.5 acres of tall corn and this year features the young adult version of the hunt for the pie stealing animal.  Called “The Farm Scene Investigation”, Farmer Joe is once again in trouble.  He’s missing, and foul play is expected.  It’s likely some farm animal kidnapped him, and it’s up to you to find out who. You need to find six hidden places within the larger maze to help answer the riddle of the missing farmer.

And of course, there’s the food and goodies all self-respecting pumpkin patches should have.  Andelin has delicious home baked goods, local honey, eggs laid on the farm, homemade jams and jellies, and other yummy treats.
All in all, Andelin Family Farms truly is a pumpkin patch paradise here in the Reno area. It isn’t to be missed. Here is some information from their website on admission and pricing.
Pumpkin Patch Admission Price is $6.00 per person. Babies under one year of age are free. This includes the Hay Ride, all Barnyard Activities, the Art Barn, Hay Maze, Fun Track and visiting the animals. 

*Pony and Horse rides (on Saturdays, holidays and school break days) for $4.00 per ride.

Corn Maze Admission Price is $4.00 when purchased as an add-on to the pumpkin patch admission or $6.00 as a separate activity without pumpkin patch admission. Children under 3 are free to the corn maze. Our corn maze this year is themed Nevada Proud for the 150th birthday of the state of Nevada


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