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RMB Night Out at Heritage in Whitney Peak

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The ladies of the Reno Moms Blog were recently invited by Mark Estee to come check out his new restaurant, Heritage, at Whitney Peak Hotel downtown. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! The evening started off with Mark giving us a personal tour of Whitney Peak, which is the former CommRow and prior to that was the Fitzgerald’s Casino. From the minute you walk into the property off of Virginia Street, you can tell new property owners put a lot of effort, thought and money into creating a great, non-casino ambiance. Heritage is a restaurant that celebrates northern Nevada by drawing from local history and the natural beauty of our region by “bringing the outside in”. The hotel rooms have been completely refurbished, and we were giddy with some of the design features.   Fayth Ross said that “the little attentions to detail were truly wonderful: the little rubber duck in the bathroom…the ‘exposed concrete’ wallpaper, the lights, etc. My positive favorite part was how they embraced Reno and all of the photos and artwork were of Reno and our surrounding areas.”

This art of rock climbers rappelling down the wall is in a hotel room.
This art of rock climbers rappelling down the wall is in a hotel room.

The photos on the wall were all pictures of Reno and the surrounding area, showcasing the true beauty that residents know well. It is a great way to educate visitors about the non-gambling side of Reno. There was this super cool sculpture collection that looked like rock climbers rappelling down a mountain. The bathroom had this super cool sliding barn door that had several of us wishing our own bathroom doors were like this.

Jenny Petty really liked the seatbelt chair!
Jenny Petty really liked the seatbelt chair!

But the design feature that got the most attention from us, ironically, was a chair made out of recycled seatbelts. It was super cozy, and how many places offer a seatbelt chair?! Jessica Santina summed up the décor well, saying, “I was totally impressed with the design of the hotel itself, with excellent little local touches everywhere, from topographical maps in the hallways to shots of downtown in the rooms, and textures and colors that are totally Reno.”

Jamie S. loved how the property showcases Reno.  “I like how they are bringing attention to Nevada in a way that highlights the beauty and eclectic conglomeration we have going on.”

Jenny P. was transfixed by the climbing wall as we toured the property.  “I was impressed with Base Camp climbing gym. It’s a little random to have in the middle of a hotel, but something that my husband would love.”  Did you know the climbing gym offers birthday parties?  Get more info on parties here.

The space at Heritage was completely redesigned and is open and rustic looking.
The space at Heritage was completely redesigned and is open and rustic looking.

Heritage: Now, let’s talk food. We were some hungry Mommas that night, and Heritage did not disappoint. Shelle Murach said, “I think the thing Heritage does well is taking a few ingredients and really highlighting them so that the flavors standout, and you can say the same with the whole Whitney Peak concept… The chefs really focused on that transition period between summer and fall for the menu by having those great fresh salads, then the simple roasted vegetables and meats. And while everything was prepared simply, it was also very satisfying.” “When you use good ingredients it really speaks for itself.” Jamie S.

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Here is the chef’s menu that Mark designed for our evening:

Shrimp cocktail Caesar Salad: “Strangely, the most memorable dish for me from that night was the Caesar salad. Everything was tasty in a nice, simple homemade feeling, but the Caesar dressing tasted really fresh.” Jenny P.

One more of that beet salad.  Mark Estee, can you deliver a plate now?!
One more of that beet salad. Mark Estee, can you deliver a plate now?!

Beet Salad: We couldn’t stop swooning over this salad!   Notable quotes include: “The golden and red beets paired with candied walnuts and blue cheese gave the salad a unique flavor that can be appreciated by anyone – even those who don’t like the vegetable!” Jennifer D.

“The roasted, mixed beets with blue cheese and candied nuts, I really didn’t want to share that with the moms, but had to be polite and pass it around.” Shelle M.

“I am always impressed when a restaurant can change my mind about a food I think I don’t like. I don’t like beets, but that beet salad was delicious! The yellow beets were soooo good!” Bethany D.

“The stripey raw beet in the beet salad was fantastic, and I could eat dozens of them” Tracie B. “the salad topped with sunflower seeds was amazing, and I could have eaten just that for dinner.” Jessica S.

“I ate beets, and liked them (weird).” Jessica L.

“Light and delicious” April G.

Roast Beef: “It was simple, juicy, tender and served with some fresh horseradish. I had two pieces!” Meagan S. “I loved the roast beef, so tender, and that they served a big ‘ol bunch of horseradish with it!” Jessica S.

Roasted chicken: “The chicken was moist and normally I do not like skin on chicken, but the skin was so crisp and good!” Meagan S.

Roasted Potatoes: “The roasted potatoes, simple, but we could not stop eating them because of the perfectly crispy, salted outsides and creamy almost sweet interiors.” Shelle M.

You should have seen how giddy we got over the made from scratch s'mores!
You should have seen how giddy we got over the made from scratch s’mores!

S’mores: The climax of the evening was when the s’mores arrive, with their only little fire pots, homemade graham crackers, and homemade marshmallows. This was unlike any s’more any of us had ever experienced. Here are the reactions from our ladies:

“I normally don’t like s’mores, because they’re so sickly sweet to me. But those s’mores were so rich and flavorful, not just stacks of sugar. Yum!” Bethany D.

“I was really digging the homemade marshmallows.” Meagan S.

“Totally fun.” Fayth R.

“Adorable and tasty.” Tracie B.


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