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Grocery Outlet Steals and Deals

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Today’s post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet and written by RMB contributor, Betsy McDonald

I am a grocery store snob. I live in the Old Southwest and we go to our neighborhood grocery store at least three times a week to pick up whatever we feel like having for dinner. My ritual begins on Sunday evening after everyone is settled for the night. I head to the store to grab all of my food prep items for the week and spend the rest of the evening chopping, slicing, dicing, bagging and containing various raw foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks (hence the multiple dinner trips later in the week).  Very rarely do we stray from our lovely little store where they literally know our whole family by name and have even been known to call us when Great-Grandma left without getting her change. I do, however, make the voyage out of the ‘hood when it’s time to stock up on necessities like canned goods, bath and body products, etc. that fall out of the produce and meat departments.

So begins my trip to Grocery Outlet. As you may already know, Reno Moms Blog has partnered with Grocery Outlet, prompting me to make my Sunday prep pilgrimage to the Sparks store. And, while I didn’t fulfill my usual basket full of raw foods quota, I definitely hit the lean meat jackpot, and discovered a few other gems I just might have to head back for.

First on my list of finds was ground turkey – typically $6 – $7 at my usual haunt – for $4.19. Needless to say, I bought two. I make everything from stuffed peppers to tacos to lettuce wraps to salads with ground turkey so I’m set for the week with 2.5 lbs. (since we only have one of the two mini me’s this week).

Next (and I know this sounds weird), water chestnuts. I go through an inordinate amount of water chestnuts…mainly because they’re delicious. Usually though, I throw them in my chicken boy choy and lettuce wraps for a little extra texture and veg fantasticness (also delightful in salads). Drumroll, please…..$.59. Simply amazing folks. The ol’ WCs are usually well over $1, which is quite a bit considering the size of the can and the actual quantity one uses. Anyway….a steal to say the least.

Another major steal: bell peppers – red and yellow. I can usually find red and yellow bells for about $2 and sometimes even $3 each, but at Grocery Outlet they were….wait for it…..two for $3. Cha-Ching!  Someone is having stuffed peppers this week!

The last, but certainly not least major steal I got my hands on was wild yellowfin tuna for $5.99. That’s right…WILD. Beautiful little pre-cut steaks perfect for searing and throwing on salads for lunch (with one of my many bell peppers and water chestnuts and the spinach I got for $1.49) or having for dinner with some wild rice and veggies.

Grocery Outlet ProduceAll in all, I have to say that while I didn’t get out of it what I hoped for, I did get something great: Another place to go when I need to stock up on all those things that typically cost way too much at my neighborhood spot. I got all of this stuff (2.5 lbs chicken, 1 lb wild yellowfin tuna, 2.6 lbs ground turkey, 8 oz. spinach, 2 quarts blueberries, 4 bell peppers, 1 zucchini, 26 oz. chicken stock, 8 oz. waterchestnuts, 2 Lean Cuisine salad additions, 1 mandarin chicken frozen dinner (I blame the kids), a four-pack of all-natural energy drinks, 1 tomato basil soup and 1 quart of low sodium soy sauce) for $53.44.

It probably would have cost me $80 had I gone to my usual spot.

Grocery Outlet Beauty ProductsAnd I found one other hidden gem: they have freakishly inexpensive bath and body products! And the good stuff too! EO ($7.99/32 oz.), Kiss My Face ($4.99/16 oz., $2.99/6 oz. and $1.99/4 oz. ), Palmer’s $4.49/12 oz. and $5.99/spray moisturizer), St. Ives ($3.99), even razors for waaaay less ($5.99) than I’ve seen them in a variety of other stores – and I am a product  lush (to put it nicely)!

Grocery Outlet Schick Razors
These are just a couple snaps I took but they have everything from makeup to vitamins and baby products for significantly less, without sacrificing the quality. This is something I would definitely go back for time and time again.

Grocery Outlet is the largest retail grocery remarketer in the U.S.  They purchase and consign product to Grocery Outlet businesses that are owned and operated by families.  To find a store near you, click here


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