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Kid Friendly, Mom Approved Music

In my house, we love music.  My 6 year old is most certainly is our little musician, and she loves all things music.  I love Youtube because we can find most anything music-wise, but I’m not so fond of the uncontrolled commercials, ads, or other song suggestions that may pop up while she’s listening to some mom-approved music.  Beyond that, I so can’t handle annoying kids music.  You all know the kind…whiny, squeaky, obnoxious voices.  I HATE that.

We have a few favorites in our house that both win the kid award and the mom seal of approval.  But, I am always looking for more variety.  So, what’s a mom to do when she needs non-annoying, kid friendly music?  Hit up her mom friends, of course!  Below is a compilation of some of the mom-suggested music from our Reno Moms Blog Contributors.  I, for one, am so excited to go check out some of these new albums/artists/songs!




Fresh Beat Band


Lemonade Mouth


Steve Songs


They Might Be Giants


Okee Dokee Brothers


Land of Nod CD’s


Hillsong Kids


Barenaked Ladies Snack Time


Jazz for Kids: Sing, Clap, Wiggle & Shake


Putumayo Albums



Jack Johnson


And of course, there are individual songs that get our seal of approval but not necessarily for the artists in general ( i.e. Roar by Katy Perry), or adult artists that are generally okay to listen to with the kids (i.e. Michael Franti, Zac Brown, Dixie Chicks).


What are some of your kid friendly favorites?  


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Jessica Locke
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