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Building a Household “Important Papers” Binder

If there were ever an emergency near or in your home, such as a fire or natural disaster, what would you grab?  After getting my family out safely, I would grab things like my pets, my wedding album, and some clothing/toothbrushes/etc.  But then there are all these little things, like social security cards, birth certificates, and insurance policies that would be great to grab, too.  Our family decided that we needed to keep all these items in a single place for such instances, and so we decided to create an Important Papers Binder.  It’s super simple to create, and it not only keeps us organized on a daily basis, but in case we ever had an emergency, we can easily grab all these important things at once.

To build your own binder, you may want to buy:

*A large binder (we use a 3 inch binder)
*Baseball card sheets
*Sheet protectors

What we keep in our binder:

*Social Security cards
*Birth Certificates
*The current years’ tax stuff (including pay stubs & medical receipts)
*Insurance policies (car, life, etc.)
*Insurance cards (or copies)
*Manuals for household items
*Various certificates (like my husband’s certificate to perform marriages or class completion certificates)
*Car title
*Records (i.e. medical)
*Various account information


How do we organize it all?

*We use the baseball card sheets to organize our social security cards, insurance cards/copies, or other important cards.
*We use the sheet protectors to file our birth certificates, passports, manuals, certificates, records, etc.
*We use folders to organize papers that are regularly being added to/accessed.  We currently have two folders.  We use one folder for the current years’ tax stuff, and another separate folder to hold all of the wedding licenses that my husband has to save. We have typically added another folder to organize receipts/bills/hospital info when we had big things coming up, like the birth of a baby or a major surgery.

The sheet protectors and baseball sheets are great because they help protect your items while allowing you to still be able to see them for quick # access.  Folders are excellent for things that you are constantly filling or accessing (like tax stuff).

Our binder is quite full!  We keep it in a safe spot, away from children’s little hands.  I love the peace of mind that if we ever needed to leave our house in a hurry, we have all of our important papers in one spot.

Do you know where all your important items are?   If there was an emergency, would you be able to quickly grab them all quickly?  Is there anything you would add to your binder that I didn’t list above?  Share below!


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