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RMB’s Favorite Things In The Kitchen

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  • RMB’s Favorite Things In The Kitchen

A few months ago, the contributors from the Reno Moms Blog got together for a “My Favorite Things” party, where each of us brought $20 worth of products we just loved for a gift exchange.  The conversation that followed was so rich that we decided that product recommendations from local moms for local moms would be a great post.  This is our first in a series we’re calling RMB’s Favorite Things, and today we’re talking about kitchen appliances.

What is your favorite Kitchen Appliance or Accessory?

vitamixJessica S.:  Vitamix, hands down. I make a smoothie in it every morning, but I also use it for salad dressings, soups, sauces…best money I ever spent. And it takes like a minute to clean!





cherry pitterJessica G.: My cherry pitter! Best thing ever!






chef knifeShelle M.: Just one! I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and my collection of baking pans, oh and the ice cream maker! But the two things I use all the time are a good chef’s knife (JA Henkel) and a microplane grater. I have taken both of these on the road to summer rentals and Thanksgiving meals, often throwing in others bits and bobs, but these two things are constantly on my drying rack at home.




kitchenaidJenny P.: I love my KitchenAid mixer too!





espresso machineJessica L:  My Starbucks Espresso Machine





crock pot



Jessica L.:  I second the crock pot!  I just made yogurt in mine last night! (Of course we asked Jessica how to do this, and this was her answer: Place 4 cups milk in a super clean crock pot on low, and cook for 2 1/2 hours. After that, turn the crock pot off and let sit for 3 hours; do not remove the lid. Then, scoop out 1 cup of the milk and mix with 1/4 cup plain yogurt with live & active cultures. Mix back in with the rest of the milk, stir. Replace lid, heat on “warm” for 30 min. Turn off, wrap entire crock pot in a thick towel and let sit for a minimum of 8 hours (mine usually sit 12-14 hours, depending on when I started it…I usually just let them go overnight). And then….yogurt! It’s plain. To sweeten/flavor, we just mix in local honey and whole or blended berries or homemade fruit jam. I suggest storing your yogurt plain, and mixing in flavorings when you’re ready to eat. It thins the yogurt a bit once added. If you want organic (that’s what we do), just use organic milk and yogurt. You can also double this easily. Save a little bit of your mix for the starter yogurt for your next batch.)

ninjaJennifer D.: Ninja Professional Blender





keurig vueKeurig Vue and I love my Henkels Twin Four Star II knives. Easy cooking starts with some good, sharp knives!






kitchenaidTracie B.: Kitchenaid Mixer





george forman grillBetsy M: A really good paring knife and a George Foreman grill!






blendtecLynnette B.:  I love my Blendtec Blender.  I not only make smoothies and shakes, but green juice and oat flour in it.  I also use my Soda Stream a ton this time of year.  I make carbonated water, and then add flavored SweetLeaf Stevia to make a healthy soda.  My favorite flavors are Watermelon, Root Beer and Grape.  The kids really love these healthy sodas!




And what is YOUR favorite Kitchen Appliance or Accessory?  Tell us in the comments! 





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