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A Memorable Act of Kindness

Lynnette's Memorable Act of KindnessReno Moms Blog is proud to partner with Think Kindness.  Today, we are sharing a blog post from the Think Kindness site, which was written by RMB site manager, Lynnette Bellin. 

“I knew that labor and birth were coming, but I was uncomfortable with the idea of induction.  I left the doctor’s office to head back to work, where I broke the news to my co-workers that I would be starting my maternity leave immediately because I was being induced that night.  I was all business, sat down to my computer to tie up the last few loose ends, and was busily rushing down the hall when a co-worker stopped me.  She pulled me into her office and closed the door.  She took both of my hands, looked me in the eyes, and said, ‘are you scared?'”

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