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For the love of crocheting.

It was number 1 on my goals for 2014.   One night I locked myself in my room for 4 hours and watched youtube videos until I could figure out how to get the knot on my needle,  and the difference between a single and double crochet.  I’m not going to lie.  I cried.  A few times 🙂   But I’m glad I pushed myself to learn something new even though it was quite frustrating in the beginning!



This new love of mine is my escape when I need to relax.  It allows me to create and gift people something I have spent my time and love on, which always seems to mean so much more!  I have been non-stop crocheting for the last 4 months now!  Do you have a craft or thing you do to get away and take a mental escape? I would love to hear!




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Shelley Lemaire
Shelley balances a full load – owning a business, 3 spectacular kids, homeschooling and, oh yeah, being a total creative genius! Shelley blogs at We Are Day Dreamers and owns Lemaire Photography with husband Danny.

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