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Giveaway: Tickets to Avenue Q The Musical

Avenue Q The MusicalWe have an exciting giveaway to tell you about, involving a Tony Award Winning Broadway Show put on by the Tahoe Players that is also an Artown event. We will be giving away two tickets to this show, but before we talk about the giveaway, let me tell you about a conversation I had with one of the actors in the show.

Juliet Moore is a Reno mom who will be playing the character of Christmas Eve in Avenue Q, which runs Saturday, July 6 through July 20, Thursday through Sunday at 8pm at the Knitting Factory. When I asked Juliet to tell me about the show, she said, “It’s an R rated version of Sesame Street. It’s your life, only funnier.”

There are puppets, and there is puppet sex. There is an Italian American (Juliet herself) playing a Japanese woman in a very stereotypical way.

“If you’re easily offended, this show isn’t for you,” said Juliet with a laugh. She then went on to tell me that the show included songs titled, “Everyone is a little bit racist,” and “The internet is really great for porn.”

But it’s not all puppets – there are “felt cast” members and people casts members. It is a cast of eleven local actors, and the music is provided by local musicians. The Tahoe Players are passionate about sourcing local talent for their shows and always using live, local musicians instead of a soundtrack.

Tickets are only $25, and there is a bar open for the duration of the show. “Drinking and puppets are always a great combination,” Juliet told me. I think she’s right! Tickets can be purchased here.

Juliet Moore plays the character Christmas Eve in Avenue Q
Juliet Moore plays the character Christmas Eve in Avenue Q

As entertaining as the show sounds (and you can bet I’m going for a girls’ night out), I also wanted to introduce Juliet to the RMB Community. Juliet works full time at Microsoft in the Xbox group (how cool is that?!) and is the mother of two, a teenage boy and a 9 year old girl. What is inspiring about Juliet is how she makes space in her life for her passion for the stage, or as she said it, “a flair for the dramatics”.

Juliet’s children are both very active in dancing and stage acts put on by The Loft Dance Theater Arts. Until recently, she hadn’t acted since college, but remained passionate about being on stage all through school. A few years ago, Juliet began to start using her passion for drama to be an acting coach at The Loft. She said it was the perfect combination, because she could spend time with her kids and do an activity that gives her so much joy.

At one point, Juliet asked herself, “How can you be an acting coach when you haven’t acted yourself in 20 years?”

When Les Miserables came to town last Fall, Juliet’s daughter said she wanted to audition. Les Miserables happened to be a production that was on Juliet’s bucket list. She and a friend decided to audition with her daughter. At that point, the audition was about her daughter. But then she made the cast, and she had her own rehearsals and had to overcome her own fears involved with the stage.

Because she has gotten back into acting, she now feels like she is a more valuable and relevant coach. Juliet said that the experience of being in Les Miserables made her get bit by the acting bug again. This past winter, she stage managed for Shrek, a production in which both of her children performed.

Avenue Q is the first production after her renaissance that her kids won’t be in with her, and because it is Rated R, they won’t be coming to see the show either.

When her 13 year old questioned her on why he couldn’t come to the show, Juliet told him, “because when we did the puppet sex scene, I learned something from it, so NO.”

We talked about the mommy guilt that she has when she spends time rehearsing after working long hours at work. “How do you not make your kids your life, not make your children your life, and not make your husband a life, but make a life out of that?” She asked me.

The answer is that it helps that her kids have the same hobby as her, and she truly believes she is modeling for them how to live out your passions, understand you’re never too old to pursue your dreams, and not to be afraid of trying.

Now that you know a bit about the show and the irresistible Juliet Moore, to enter for free tickets, tell us in the comments how you live out your passions while raising a family. Tickets will be awarded on Tuesday after noon. In the meantime, you can purchase your tickets here if you want to guarantee yourself a seat!


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