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Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Father’s Day!  Three of the Reno Moms Blog Contributors got together to pay tribute to their fathers.  There is often a special bond between fathers and daughters, such as the ones described here.


Fayth's son and father.
Fayth’s son and father.

Fayth R.:  I love my Dad. He’s not my biological father, which is something both of us often forget. He started dating my Mom when I was three and he adopted me when I was seven. He was first “my Bobby” and then became “my Daddy”. He is a good man that I admire immensely and am forever grateful he has embraced me as his own all these years. We even sort of look alike.

We weren’t as close as I would have liked when I was younger, but I do have many great memories: him rubbing my sore feet after hours spent in pointe shoes, playing endless hours of board games (backgammon was one of our favorites and I was a worthy adversary), and boating trips in Lake Powell. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself and he became a first time Papa that we really got close. Now, I can’t get enough time with him. He is an amazing and adorable Papa; being a grandfather made him softer somehow. Or maybe it’s me who’s softer? Regardless, watching him with my children makes my heart positively swell. And the laughs, talks, bonding, and mutual respect we have for one another is exactly what I had craved all those years. Our relationship is exactly as I dreamed it would be and I’m so proud to call this man my father.




Meagan's daughters dressed in Daddy's clothes for a Father's Day Present.
Meagan’s daughters dressed in Daddy’s clothes for a Father’s Day Present.

Meagan S.: My dad is great. I love him so much. He and I are very similar. When I was a little girl, I was such a daddy’s girl. I wanted to be just like him. He would teach me to act like a boy. It would drive my mom nuts. She always talks about how embarrassing it was that I would walk around and spit (clearly something he taught me). She swears he was trying to make me boyish so that no one would want to date me when I got older. My dad worked really hard to give us a good life. Now that I am grown, I love watching Sophie and her Papa interact. She loves him so much. “Papa” was one of her first words. When she was learning to talk, she used to grab my phone and whine “Papa”, which meant she wanted to call or Skype him. Just the other day when we were in Las Vegas visiting, I found them cuddled up on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It melted my heart. I have a really great dad and my girls have a fantastic Papa. We love him so much!




GrandpaGroachJessica S.: My parents split when I was about 12, and after that, I didn’t get to spend much time with him – just weekends, and then he moved out of state, and it was even less. We’ve had some rocky times, especially when I was a moody teenager who resented him and missed him all at once. But I inherited a lot of things from him, in particular his love of writing. My dad is an excellent, expressive writer, and he teaches now, too, so we share that as well. But in the summer of 1984, my brother and I spent a summer with Dad at his new home in Atlanta. It remains one of the best summers of my life. He took us to Braves baseball games (it’s why I am still, to this day, a rabid Braves fan). He got us roller skates, which we spent the summer using. And he and I also wrote to each other. He started it off by introducing the idea of poetry. He would write a poem about any topic, then I would write one about the same topic. The next day it was my turn to pick the topic and write, then him, and so on. At the end of the summer, we typed up all the poems and put them into a book, which we called “Pop and Kid: Collected Writings.” It is one of my most prized possessions. It enabled to me to get in touch with what would become my career and passion, but it also brought us closer than we’d ever been, and helped us get to know each other in a new way. We live across the country from each other now, and I don’t get to see him that often, but in a lot of ways, my dad gets me like no one else. I just wish my daughter could spend more time with him. Someday, I’d like to believe she will.


How are you and your family celebrating Father’s Day?  Are you able to be with your own father?  Let us know in the comments


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