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Like father, like husband

They say that women marry men who are like their fathers. I so guess I can thank my dad for my amazing husband. But I’ve always wondered just how true this can be, because my dad and husband couldn’t be more different… on the surface.

My dad is an avid reader, author, scholar. He puts spiders outside rather than kill them. My husband is a hunter, and his library is most magazines like “American Hunter” and “Western Outdoor News.” My dad wears button-up shirts, my husband wears t-shirts and shorts. My dad is happiest in a bookstore, my husband is happiest in the great outdoors. How can they be the same?

As dads. They’re the same dad. And that’s what I love.

When my husband lets our daughters paint his fingernails a rainbow of pinks and purples, I can see myself as a little girl putting bunny barrettes and pony tails in my dad’s hair. My sisters and I used to giggle with glee at all the colorful barrettes we could add to my dad’s hair.

Evidence of the hairstyles Bethany used to give her dad.


father daughter bonding
Bethany’s husband sports a manicure done by his daughters.

When my husband listens to our girls make up stories and ramble on about nonsense, I can hear my dad encouraging stories from my sisters and me. He loved that I used to say “suffercate” instead of “suffocate” and he acted like it was perfectly reasonable that a person suffers when they suffercate, and that’s why it’s pronounced that way. I don’t know how long I completely believed that to be true, and it just cracked my dad up.

My dad let us kids be kids. My husband is the same with our kids. He lets them be. But he lays down the law when he needs to, just as my own dad did in our house. Both my dad and my husband are gentle giants. And they love their families so deeply. They are peacemakers and fun-bearers and the solid foundations for their families.

That’s how I married a man like my dad. And I can genuinely thank my dad for raising me to know what a real man looks like. My dad taught me what unconditional love feels like, and it’s because of his example that I’ve never settled for less than that in my own relationships. I found a husband that has all those genuine qualities that mean so much to me, that I grew up respecting and admiring in my own dad.

And my daughters have the most wonderful example of a real man too. Happy Father’s Day to my father, and to my husband. The two men who fill my heart and make my world go round.

Husband, Dad, and Kids. Life is good.

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Bethany Drysdale
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