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An Open Letter to my Graduating Kindergartner

LemairePhotoB2SRoss30Dear Hannah,

You are my precious – and only – daughter. As the middle child, you didn’t get the distinction of being “first”, nor do you carry the title of “the baby”. You are in the middle, and you, my darling girl, are positively perfect.

You are such an incredible person. You are a girly-girl who loves pedicures, prefers dresses and skirts, and you rarely begin a day without a little song and dance. You are also a tomboy, having had two broken bones (more than either brother!) and absolutely no fear of scaling the largest rock or holding the slimiest worms. You asked for a basketball hoop for Christmas and you want a pirate-themed party for your 6th birthday. You are an adventurous spirit, ready and willing to try new foods and new activities; you make the mundane things like trips to the grocery store or the car wash a joyful adventure with your boundless enthusiasm. Always quick with a hug, an “I love you”, and a special picture drawn just for the recipient, you always make others happy.

LemairePhotoB2SRoss16When you started kindergarten, I was honestly a little scared of what it would be like for you. I’d bumped my work life around so you never had to attend day-care. Although you had lots of mommy time, you hadn’t been around many other children your age. I was so worried my best intentions had actually held you back. What would kindergarten be like for you? Would you be able to pay attention to your teachers?  Would you be painfully shy or make friends?

And how I worried: Would your teachers see the amazing person we knew you were?

Oh, sunshine – you have more than proven your Mommy’s worries needless. You have had a terrific year and I am so incredibly proud of you. Your teachers adore you and the 1st grade teachers are vying over who gets you next year. You are reading entire books and writing beautifully.  You share in class, you’re enthusiastic, and we can’t walk anywhere at school without children rushing up to you and saying, “Hi, Hannah!”

HannahGraduationI’m so excited at how you’ve blossomed this past year.  This year of firsts.  This year of kindergarten. Congratulations, graduate. I can hardly wait to see what first grade brings for you. No matter what, I know you’ll be amazing.

I love you now and forever!

Love, Mommy


 Photo credits: Top two, Lemaire Photography; Bottom, Bell Photography


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Fayth Ross
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